In House training courses

We can either deliver our in house training courses for you and your team in person and virtually or we can sell them for your trainer/s to deliver. We specialise in leadership, management, coaching and HR training courses and as you may know we sell the 12 month action focused leadership program which is a really cost effective way to develop your managers and leadership teams. If you buy the program we also offer a FREE familiarisation training for your trainers too. 

The list below are full day training sessions usually 09:30 - 16:30. They are very interactive and have your training goals and core values at the heart them and the feedback we receive from our training is very positive - here's a link to our testimonial page

As mentioned above we also deliver virtual training. These are usually 90 minute or 3 hour sessions and are proving to be very popular with teams throughout the UK and further afield. We are very fortunate to have clients in the U.S, Europe, South Africa, Australia and Singapore. We're very excited to see where is next. 

Contact one of the team to discuss your training goals or see our course list below

If you don't see the course you need we have training consultants that work for us who specialise in other fields and may be able to help

The aspiring managers training course and program our leadership specialist delivered to a group in the North West of England

A very interactive virtual sessions with a great bunch in Northamptonshire

As well as lots of smaller businesses and organisations, below are examples of some larger organisations who have received training from our director of learning at Ultimate Leadership Training:

spring care


Gatwick School

Please contact us to discuss any training requirements you have, we either deliver for you or sell you the course for your trainers to deliver to your team

Thanks for visiting our in house training course page, here's a link to our homepage. If you need a book recommendation as part of your own development making the boat go faster is a great choice and we refer to it during our leadership training course