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Leadership Training for Prefects

We offer our Leadership training for prefects as a one-day course, a shorter virtual session or via our Leadership skills for Prefects Workbook, we deliver at your venue of choice and embed your school's ethos and core values at the heart of the session. We have worked with many schools, universities and colleges delivering this and similar courses and had great feedback and results. It's a very active course to keep the learners engaged and interested for the whole day (usually 10am - 3pm, held on an inset day or one day of the holidays). Contact us and speak with one of the team or read on...

The information we cover and the leadership skills, tips and techniques we discuss are very relevant for a school environment and are transferrable skills into a future workplace - as we say to all our leaners no matter what the environment is "Leadership is a decision you make, not a seat you sit it" 

Leadership Training for Prefects

There are two issues that we've come up against when speaking to schools who are looking to book this session. You see they have spoken to other training providers and have seen the course that they deliver. The first is that half the courses are too corporate and the the other half are too condescending. When we wrote this course we spoke to, firstly, our own kids (some were prefects) and, secondly, to the teaching and support staff in the schools we work with when delivering coaching skills or supporting with their D of E training. 

The existing and future prefects, as well as the core values of the school are at the heart of this training session. 

Some clients opt for the whole leadership training for prefects course (for us to deliver or to buy for a teacher to deliver) or the workbook for the teacher to work through with the group, and this can be covered in a day or over a period of time - one section per week, and it comes with some notes for the tutor too. 

The Breakdown of the Course

The cost to buy the course and deliver it yourself is just £69, for this you get:

  • Extensive tutor notes
  • Power point slides for the visual learners
  • Notes for the learners
  • The relevant handouts
  • The interactive activities used during the session
  • The leadership training for prefects workbook
  • Access to our leadership specialist if you have questions

In our experience training works better if it is continuous, i.e. a program over the year and for the leadership for prefects training course we suggest the following:

Term 1 - Leadership Skills for Prefects

Term 2 - DISC and Communication Skills

Term 3 - Emotional Intelligence for Prefects

Again you can either hire one of our training specialists or buy the course for you to deliver. they are the same price as above and come with all the relevant bits for you to deliver a very successful and effective session.

...Companies who have received training from our management, leadership, Coaching and HR specialist include:

Please contact us to discuss any training requirements you have, we either deliver for you or sell you the course for your trainers to deliver to your team

Thanks for visiting our leadership training for prefects page, here's a link to our homepage. If you are interested in further reading we recommend this book

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