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Our one day coaching skills for managers training skills course will help your managers and team leaders to develop each team member resulting in a high performing team

According to our research just 30% of managers in the UK understand what coaching actually is, you see over the years the word coaching has been lost in translation and it's confusing for people. 

The origin of the word coach comes from the Hungarian words kocsi szekér which is a vehicle created to move food and people from one place to another. Coach in English was originally a slang word students called their professors before the exams – because they would move them from where they are now to where they want to be.

So, coaching is a specific type of conversation between the manger (for example) and the employee or team being coached. Instead of directing or advising, the coach asks powerful questions (we supply these in the course) that help the coachee re-evaluate their challenge and identify the new behaviours and actions, they need to develop, that will help them better achieve the desired outcomes. The coachee then becomes accountable to the coach (and themselves) for the changes they commit to make.

And that’s the important aspect of all our training – its about being accountable for their part of achieving the vision. So if you have some team members who are struggling with their tasks and are potentially demotivated, you managers will really benefit from our coaching skills for managers training course. 

"Really enjoyable and delivered by someone who has vast experience within business" - David (See more feedback here)

The Coaching Skills Self-Study workbook

Our Coaching Skills for Managers self-study workbook is an excellent stand alone tool or as part of a wider training course/program

It guides your managers through the process of coaching a team member, has the type of probing questions they can use at each stage and also has a reflective element at the back 

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You can also contact one of our trainers if you have any questions. 

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The Coaching Skills for Managers Training Course

Course Aims:

The one-day coaching skills for managers training course will develop your manager's and team leader's listening skills. They will leave the session organised for their first coaching session and a date to deliver it. 

Course Objectives:

By the end of the coaching skills for managers training course your learners will be able to:

  • Define the purpose of coaching
  • Explain the importance of coaching in relation to building a high performing team
  • Listen more
  • Develop a coaching habit
  • List the rules for good coaching
  • Prepare for and conduct an effective coaching session 

Who Will Benefit From This Training Course?

All managers (experienced and new), team leaders, supervisors, HR team members and anyone else involved in developing the team. Coaching is a leadership skill all managers and future managers need to learn and continuously develop.

This Course Works Well With:

Seven Reasons to Choose Ultimate Leadership Training to Deliver the Course for You:

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     3.   All our qualified trainers are experienced coaches and have effectively built their own teams and businesses

     4.   We don't preach ivory tower philosophy - we teach and write from bloody nose experience

     5.   We can bespoke the course using your paperwork and policies with no extra charge

     6.   If you decide to buy the course and all the course materials (for just £299) you can contact us if you need any questions answered

     7.   If we deliver the course for you, we set “after course” objectives (homework), we'll even give you a call to see how you're doing.

As well as lots of smaller businesses and organisations, below are examples of some larger organisations who have received training from our director of learning at Ultimate Leadership Training:

spring care


Gatwick School



Please contact us to discuss any training requirements you have, we either deliver for you or sell you the course for your trainers to deliver to your team

Thanks for visiting our coaching skills for managers course page, here's a link to our homepage - you may also be interested in a great book recommendation which could help with developing a positive coaching skills for managers mindset. We recommend the coaching for performance book. 

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Our coaching skills for managers training skills course will help your managers and team leaders to develop each team member resulting in a high performing team

Coaching Skills for Managers Course