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You'll find recent training course feedback from our management, leadership, coaching and HR training consultant Adrian Close below. 

Adrian is a multi-award winning business manager and author specialising in writing and delivering inspirational management, leadership, Coaching and HR courses throughout the UK, mainland Europe, Singapore, Australia, South Africa and the USA - He's excited to see where's next

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Ken Blanchard has been a hero of mine for all of my adult life and messaged me the following (Adrian Close)

“Go for it, Adrian! Building a great business culture builds human satisfaction and great performance... I love your vision, value, and voice framework... We need you to take a leadership role, Adrian! Preferably here in the US!

Ken Blanchard- Best selling Author | Speaker | Leadership Expert | Thought Leader

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Council Feedback

Training course feedback: Adrian Close

Sarah – (Planning Team Manager) – Greater Cambridge Planning Department

Performance Management

"There has been so much I’ve gained from this session it is hard to list. The main thing I have taken from the training is greater confidence and motivation to be a great manager". 

"Adrian, you should bring your skills to the council as a “trouble shooter” Please come back again". 

Training course feedback: Adrian Close

David - (Management Team) - Sheffield College

Coaching Skills for Managers Training

"I found Adrian's delivery style excellent and he made time to talk through some of our issues at our level". 

Some Feedback Added to Trust Pilot

Trust Pilot Score - 4.5/5

Adrian provided an excellent course which enhanced the attitude and skills of our staff. We highly recommend this course for all education organisations, student unions and schools seeking to improve their service levels - Leeds Trinity University - Customer Service Skills Course

Trust Pilot Score 5/5

One of the best customer service training providers, thanks to Adrian, our airline staff now have the knowledge and skills to confidently deliver a professional service to passengers. Furthermore, this course also provided our staff with excellent course notes - Humberside Airport - Customer Service Skills Course

Trust Pilot Score 4.5/5 

This one day customer complaints training course provided our hotel staff with practical complaint handling techniques to handle angry and aggressive customers in a professional manner. As a respected hotel in London and the UK, our staff now have a clear customer complaints process which we can utilise. 10/10 - Danubius Hotel in London - Complaints Handling Skills

It was a real pleasure to work with the team at the Grimsby Institute and 6th Form College.

I remember returning for the second year and learners from the first year coming up to me in the coffee queue from time to time wanting to pay for my coffee because they had been promoted to management due to the information they learnt on the courses I delivered for them - I even got cake

There was always a positive vibe about the place and the dedication the team of staff had towards their students was second to none.

The issue I have found in many places on my travels is that people are promoted to management because they are good at their work and then left to it. They’re not given the tools to do the job and then blamed for when it goes wrong – which is why an aspiring management program and support from their senior management is key to their success, like they do at the Grimsby Institute.

If you’d like any information about our aspiring managers program, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Training course feedback: Adrian Close

Lydia - (Marketing Manager) - Nimbus Hosting - Hertford

Leadership Skills Training

"What a great day in Leadership Training yesterday with our management team. Thank you to Adrian Close for an inspiring training session. Some great takeaways I'd like to share:

  • Don't manage your time, manage your energy
  • What you permit, you promote
  • Don't expect them to change for you, change for them

By understanding the different personality types and behaviours in your team, can help you work together better to achieve that one centric goal".

From: Lisa K

Sent: 19 March 2019 15:13

To: allteam <>

Subject: Well done to Adrian

Hi All

I have just had a lovely conversation with Helen Webber at Exclusive Networks who is hoping to re-book an Ultimate Leadership Package for another 10 people before the end of the week!

She has said the program has made such a difference and has had `outstanding` (her words) feedback for Adrian’s delivery.

Well done AC – job very well done 😊

Kind Regards

Trainer: Adrian Close

Claire (HR Manager) - Seko Logistics - (Milton Keynes) 

Discipline and Grievance Training - Course review

"I really enjoyed the course, I felt it was delivered in a very informative way where the team were engaged. I felt the training has improved the teams confidence in dealing with difficult situations, where I can support". 

Trainer: Adrian Close

Business Development and Marketing - Course reviews

After the last meeting with Adrian I've instructed my accountant to do the book keeping for me and also instructed a VA to answer our calls when me and my business partner are busy. I've also started getting to work early to do my 90 minutes!!! So a big thanks for helping me to change the way I work and hopefully we'll stay in touch in some way - Cheers, Gary Photo art GB

Really sorry to hear we're losing you but I guess setting up your own company will be very exciting! I've enjoyed all the meetings you've run very much; they’ve been very professional and informative. I really appreciated your help and advice on developing my business. Kate ‏- Stenson Office

Trainer: Adrian Close

Jessica - The Creative Engagement Group - (Philadelphia, USA) 

Delegation Skills Training - Course Review

"I'm taking away the confidence to be able to delegate once I am in a managerial role. The ability to speak up and be confident in my skills and knowledge as well as tips for an effective team. I've also learnt about managing workload; work life balance and to leave the ego at the door"!

"Please come to our US office! This course will benefit my team in more ways than I could imagine"!

Training course feedback: Adrian Close

Tom - The Creative Engagement Group - (Singapore) 

Management Skills Training Course Review - Very good session

"A very thought-provoking session given by Adrian. A large amount of takeaways and some interesting anecdotes to help back up the theory. Would have liked to explore the managing vs coaching theme in a deeper way probably because I am a Man Utd fan. Some good interactive elements. Most important thing is that we use these takeaways regularly". 

Trainer: Adrian Close

Nicola  –  The Tabor Group - (Saffron Waldon)

Customer Service Skills

"Booked a Customer Service course and received excellent service from start to finish. The initial booking and organising our requirements for the course were very smooth and all communication was excellent. 

We had grumbles from our staff initially when they were asked to attend, in their opinion they didn't need to be taught how to do their jobs. That wasn't the intention and half way through the course they could not praise the trainer Adrian high enough. The course content was presented in such an engaging way, they all felt they had picked up skills they can use during the course of their work day".

A little team building to start with

Trainer:  Adrian Close

Adela – Walker Fire - (Preston)

"We enjoyed the Customer Service Training and was a real pleasure to work with you. Thank you"!

Trainer: Adrian Close

Level 2 Food Hygiene Course

The level 2 food hygiene course I have just sat was surprisingly fun! Adrian Close was the tutor and delivered the course in a very casual and relaxing manner. Adrian made sure all the delegates participated and tested our knowledge as the day went on. Who knew there was drawing in food hygiene courses?? Adrian certainly made, what could have been boring, NOT! – J Clark (Co-Operative)

Adrian delivered the level 2 food hygiene course at our hotel. I really enjoyed the course as it was very interactive and educational. The teaching and delivery of the course was excellent, I would definitely recommend Adrian as a Food hygiene trainer. Now looking forward to sitting his First Aid course. Conrad (Principal Hayley Hotels, Solihull)

We had a very interesting level 2 food hygiene course today. All the relevant information was explained in a clear and very precise manner. I thought the course was excellent and would thoroughly recommend Adrian Close to train your staff and managers – A Briggs (Co-Operative)

Trainer: Adrian Close

Ben - Daviker - (Manchester)  

"The training delivered was incredibly helpful to me and my team, we deal mainly with customer service and investigative support and the advice given to us by Adrian was massively helpful in the progression and evolvement of my team, I hope to have him or someone else from the training provider back soon".

Trainer: Adrian Close

Claire – WCB Utilities - (Chatham)

"The management course was very professional, interesting and all those that attended said it was by far the best they had attended. We will be looking to book in the future".

Trainer: Adrian Close

Denise – Scientific Management - (Andover)

Management Skills

"We had promoted staff internally to Team Leaders that had not had any formal training. The content of the course has provided them with a structure and new skills that will enable them to achieve the team goals as well as their own - would highly recommend".

"It's not about the tutor, learning is created by the team" (and that's not the tutor at the board)!

Trainer:  Adrian Close

Angela - ASCL - Training course feedback - (Leicester)

"Our first time using the company and we found the organisation and delivery of the topic both comprehensive and bespoke to our organisation".

Trainer:  Adrian Close

Kinga – Bakkavor Desserts - (Newark)

Train the Trainer Course

"Excellent course, with a fantastic mix of people and a brilliant trainer! Very productive session which more than met expectations. Really great practical hands on learning. Fantastic two days and great results. Very professional approach and excellent service. Thank you Adrian and the team".

Trainer:  Adrian Close

David - Hendersons - (Leyburn)

"This was the first time we had used the training provider and the training delivered was first class. Adrian's delivery of management skills really engaged with our staff and their feedback was that they engaged the training and are able to apply it to their jobs".

"A really busy and successful day in Alton"

Trainer:  Adrian Close

Vicky – Agora Business Publications - (Skipton)

"The team thoroughly enjoyed the leadership training with Adrian and started implementing the techniques learnt the very next day". 

"All members of the team felt that they learnt new things that would help them in their day to day work and we are implementing ongoing reviews to keep the learning outcomes from the course in mind and up to date".

Trainer:  Adrian Close

Julia – Calan DVS - Training course feedback - (Port Talbot) 

"Adrian tailored the course to fit the needs of the trainees. He was very knowledgeable and presented the course at the right level for the group. 
Each participant learnt something new that they could use in their current role as team leader".

Trainer:  Adrian Close

Patricia – Gleneagles Project Services - (St. Neots) 

"The written feedback and my subsequent conversations with the attendees is that the course was extremely beneficial and helpful to them. The course material and handouts are excellent. The course was delivered in a friendly but to the point way and which was appreciated by all. Inroads into delegation and managing staff have already borne fruit. Thanks Adrian".

Trainer:  Training Course Feedback for Adrian Close

Rob – Greyland Limited - (Dukinfield)

"Brilliant trainer could follow the training very well great learning techniques superb day".

Trainers:  Adrian Close

Steve – Outwood Academy - (Chesterfield) 

"The training provider led a workshop on how to manage and deal with conflict and what excellent customer service looks like in a school setting. The sessions were very well received and the interactive nature meant colleagues were able to explore themes in a good deal of detail given the time constraints. The team also catered for a wide variety of roles in the groups they had".

Trainer: Adrian Close

Graham – Spirax Sarco - Training course feedback - (Cheltenham) 

"Customer service training was a really good day, and the team really enjoyed it. 
Learnt some new things as well as reinforcing others".

Training Course Feedback

Training Course Feedback for Adrian Close, our Leadership and Management Specialist

More Training Course Feedback for Adrian Close

The following training course feedback, written by the learners, and can be found on the find website

Leadership Skills Training Course: "Very engaging and relevant - Adrian held my attention throughout" - Caroline

Management Skills Training Course: "As always Adrian delivers a fun course" - Greg

Management Skills Training Course: "Great course will be very useful in the future" - Richard

Communication Skills Training: "Adrian, great trainer, funny and kept us entertained" - Danielle

Communication Skills Training: "Very beneficial training course" - Sinead

Train the Trainer Course: "Thanks to Adrian for a great course" - Mark


Telephone skills training: "Adrian was great, motivating and knowledgeable" - J.B.


Management Skills Training Course: "Enjoyed the training - Adrian was good at delivering" - Shelby


Management Skills Training Course: "Great workshop - very engaging /informative" - Samantha

Discipline and Grievance Training: "Good training and awareness of HR" - Shelby


Discipline and Grievance Training: "Made HR interesting!" - Justin

Recruitment and Selection Training Course: "Easy environment to talk in, Adrian was approachable" - Alice


Sales Skills Training: "Good interaction, Adrian is very personable and informative" - Eloise P

Sales Skills Training: "Adrian was awesome" - Will


Leadership Skills Training: "Great teaching and coaching from Adrian" - Rose


Leadership Skills Training: "Adrian was a very competent and knowledgeable training and is very engaging" - Michael

Leadership Skills Training: "Was very enjoyable … better than expected!" - Ian

Advanced Communication Skills with DISC: "Adrian great knowledgeable trainer excellent course would recommend" - Chris

Management Skills Course: "Adrian was very good and informative" - Carol

Management Skills Course: "Really enjoyable and delivered by someone who has vast experience within business" - David

Delegation Skills Course: "Adrian was knowledgeable and made the session interesting and relevant" - Jason

Delegation Skills Course: "Adrian has the ability to make what can be mundane subjects, fun and engaging" - Vicky

Delegation Skills Course: "Adrian is great, leant a lot" - Ruth

Coaching Skills Course: "Adrian has been fab throughout our training" - Eloise P

Coaching Skills Course: "Adrian was perfect as ever" - Alan F.

Training Course Feedback for Adrian Close, our Leadership and Management Specialist

Training Course Feedback

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spring care


Gatwick School



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