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Our one day conflict management training course is ideal for businesses and organisations who are going through change and have current issues they need to resolve

Any manger or team leader who thinks that “their” team will not have conflict is delusional and burying their head in the sand. Conflict, like capability issues, need to be nipped in the bud without delay. I’ve been into several client’s businesses and it’s been a nightmare because conflict (and capability issues) have been ignored. One client had 34 grievances to deal with – 34! Another client had a rebellion one Christmas, they put on a staff party but the staff decided to boycott that one and go to pub and hold their own – nightmare! 

The steps we cover in our conflict management training course will prevent this from happening.

"Really enjoyable and delivered by someone who has vast experience within business" - David (See more feedback here)

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Want to Run the Conflict Management Course Yourself

Our primary service and passion is to create courses that you can download and deliver yourself. When you buy one of our courses you get:

  • Comprehensive and easy to follow tutor notes
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  • Any relevant games and activities
  • This course comes with a conflict management role play scenario that can be either added to the course or used during a team meeting after the course to embed the learning further. 

You can also contact one of our trainers if you have any questions. 

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If you're interested - Here's an interview with our leadership and management training specialist (Adrian) on his thoughts about managing conflict in the workplace. It's usually Adrian (depending on availability) that delivers our conflict management training course. 

The Conflict Management Training Course

Course Aims:

The one-day conflict management training course will introduce the team to practical conflict resolution techniques which can be practiced during the session and used within the team for real

Course Objectives:

By the end of the change management training course your learners will be able to:

  • List the triggers and causes of conflict within your teams
  • Replace negative experiences of conflict with positive ones 
  • Use a simple process to move individuals from conflict to resolution 
  • Use the right verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
  • Create a working environment where different views are encouraged
  • Develop an action plan to implement the learning in the workplace

Who Will Benefit From This Training Course?

All managers (experienced and new), team leaders, supervisors, HR team members and anyone else involved in managing and leading the team. 

This Course Works Well With:

Seven Reasons to Choose Ultimate Leadership Training to Deliver the Course for You:

     1.   We can deliver courses at any location to suit you or we can deliver interactive bite size sessions virtually

     2.   We keep our overheads down and reflect this in the prices we charge

     3.   All our qualified trainers are experienced at delivering the course and effectively managing conflict within their businesses

     4.   We don't preach ivory tower philosophy - we teach and write from bloody nose experience

     5.   We can bespoke the course using your paperwork and policies with no extra charge

     6.   If you decide to buy the course and all the course materials (for just £499) you can contact us if you need any questions answered

     7.   If we deliver the course for you, we set “after course” objectives (homework), we'll even give you a call to see how you're doing.

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This conflict management training courses ideal for businesses and organisations who are going through change and have current issues they need to resolve

Conflict Management Training Course