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The leadership skills training in Derbyshire is either a one-day training course, smaller energetic bitesize sessions delivered virtually or part of our 12-month action focused leadership and management training program (which can also be delivered virtually) - All achieve excellent results and promote an action focused and high-performance culture.

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In-Person Training Sessions

There are three pillars to all the training we deliver (virtually and in person):

    1. Ensuring all your training goals are met

    2. Implementing accountability

    3. Delivering up to date inclusive and enjoyable training that sticks

We deliver the one-day sessions at your workplace or a venue you book (local hotel etc), and they are usually 09:00 - 16:00 but we can start as early as 08:00

Sometimes a one-day course is just not enough so we run programs of any length to suit you and your team.

The Online Leadership and Management Training Academy

I'm often asked if team members from small businesses and organisations can join one of the 12-month programs and the answer is unfortunately no! The ones I deliver are closed sessions for specific companies.

However. I have now created an online leadership and management training academy that comes with weekly virtual (live and recorded) support from me and my team, answering any questions the learners have. It also comes with an accountability group, where we keep the learners accountable for achieving their training goals and a manager's pack so the learner's line manager can keep them accountable too. There is a little more information in the video.

The online leadership and management training academy is ideal for anyone who has been promoted without training, or for team members who are soon to be promoted, for team members who find it difficult to get together every month and if you only have a couple of team members that need training.

There are 12 modules and you or your learners work through one per month

This is an online platform that is unlike any you've seen before. It's presented by a multi-award-winning business manager/owner who is also a leadership training specialist. It holds your team members accountable for achieving the training goals and there is as much support as they need - Adrian Close

Leadership Skills Training in DerbyshireLeadership Skills Training in Derbyshire

Leadership Skills Training in Derbyshire

We specialise in management, leadership, coaching and HR training courses and have done for many years. As well as delivering the leadership training in Derbyshire, we also deliver courses throughout the UK and have ventured onto mainland Europe too, which was very exciting.

Our biggest success comes in the form of the 12-month Action Focused Leadership and Management Program which is creating a high-performance culture in many well know companies and organisations across the country. The program comes with the Action Focused Reflective Logbook which is such a powerful tool. It monitors success, encourages the learners to reflect and is unique to this program.

We can deliver the training for you or we can train your trainers to deliver the courses to your teams. We sell the 12-month Action Focused Leadership and Management Program under license, train your team to deliver it and keep in touch with them in case they need support.

Contact one of the team if you have any questions

So, what’s so special about us – What makes us different

Primarily we are very experienced multi award-winning business managers and team leaders who are also training consultants and published authors. We deliver and write our training programs from bloody nose experience not ivory tower philosophy. It’s OK covering the change curve in the change management session but it doesn’t teach you how to manage change! So, we only use it in the working within a changing environment training course. In the managing change course we use tried and tested action focused techniques that have worked for us to implement change within our teams and businesses. 

We also get so frustrated (and we're sure you do too) with one day training courses and even some longer programs that don’t promote action. The tutor turns up, delivers a “presentation”, covers some interesting information and at the end leaves. The team have had a great day and leave happy with the day, but nothing happens, there’s no action = Poor return of investment - Our courses are different and we'd love to show you how, contact one of the team and we can arrange to meet face to face or online. 

Training Publications to Help Build Your Team

What Issues the Leadership Program Resolves

Learners who have sat the program have produced amazing results. They’ve learnt:

  • To change their management style to suit the person they are managing rather than expect the person they are managing to change themselves to suit the manager 

  • To manage their time, energy and interruptions. One manageress saved 2 hours per day! By managing her time and delegating effectively
  •  To communicate more effectively by understanding DISC psychometric testing

  • To recruit the best fit into the right position based on capability and the core values

  • To manage changes effectively using a 5-stage goal orientated change management system

  • To use performance improvement plans as a positive development tool

  • To manage conflict effectively by recognising needs and not just brushing them under the carpet and hope they go away

  • To deliver effective coaching sessions (by actively listening) and promoting action

  • To hold meetings that matter and implement a purposeful appraisal system

  • To take affirmative action and promote growth

The Leadership and Management Training Program and Online AcademyThe Leadership and Management Training Program and Online Academy

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Leadership Skills Training in Derbyshire

What Previous Learners Have Said

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Geoff Wisley

Above - Training course feedback for Adrian Close

Geoff – The Wisley

Recent Training Feedback Posted on LinkedInRecent Training Feedback Posted on LinkedIn

Council Feedback

Above - Training course feedback for Adrian Close

Sarah – (Planning Team Manager) – Greater Cambridge Planning Department

Our Leadership Skills Training can be tailored to your needs and tweaked to be delivered at all levels. It's full of team activities (not role play) that everyone can enjoy and highlights any areas for your leaders to work on - we also achieve this virtually. Your team will leave with a list of up to 10 growth areas and the results from their emotional intelligence test - so there really is plenty for them to work on to ensure the learning is followed up. 

The course will help develop your leaders at all levels to lift, motivate, and inspire their teams to achieve exceptional performance by building a working environment where trust and co-operation becomes the norm. 

Our leadership skills training is delivered by experienced leadership specialist Adrian Close who has managed and lead his own teams and businesses to success. Because of this your leaders will be taught how to inspire others as Adrian has, not just to succeed, but to excel at everything they do. Your team will learn how to motivate teams through proven and innovative leadership techniques to create an ultimate team.

The session starts off with a creative thinking activity to motivate everyone and set the tone for the day. We then have a look at what makes a true leader and discuss weather leadership is a trait you are born with or a habit which can be taught - luckily for us it's the later. Your team will learn the top 10 leadership actions and rate themselves against them. Anyone who scores below our average starts to work out what they need to do to improve. 

We'll have a look at the differences between a leader and a manager (another team activity) and introduce the learners to 360 leadership skills. Seeing everyone in the organisation as a 10/10 for example. 

Towards the end of the day we will analyse "Leadership That Gets Results" by Daniel Goleman and when to use the 6 recognised Leadership Styles and how they fit in with developing emotional intelligence. 

Have a look at the positive feedback we regularly receive

As well as lots of smaller businesses and organisations, below are examples of some larger organisations who have received training from our director of learning at Ultimate Leadership Training:

spring care


Gatwick School



Please contact us to discuss any training requirements you have, we either deliver for you or sell you the course for your trainers to deliver to your team

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Leadership Skills Training in Derbyshire