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Develop your managers and leadership teams to develop their people and team to develop the business or organisation

We sell the 12-month Action Focused Leadership and Management Program under license, train your team to deliver it and keep in touch with them

Welcome to The Ultimate Leadership Training Consultancy 

We are a training course provider with a global reach. The Leadership and management programs we write are changing the culture in some of the largest companies around and our trainers and authors are all specialists in their field and experienced business leaders and managers.

Our 12-month action focused leadership training program is first class and holds managers and leaders accountable for achieving their part of the company vision in line with your core values. 

We can either deliver the program for you or, sell the license for you or your team of trainers to deliver.

The Top 7 Reasons Why This Leadership Training Program

  1. It’s been written by experienced business managers and leaders who train

  2. It saves you time because it's written and ready to go

  3. The results of a 12 month training program are better than single training sessions

  4. This program changes the culture for the better and helps remove inter-departmental barriers

  5. It holds managers and leaders accountable for achieving their part of the vision

  6. We can arrange a train the trainer session to familiarise your team with the contents

  7. It comes with the Action Focused Leadership and Management Logbook

The Set Up

The Session

The Tutor

The Result

Delivering the Program For You

If you would like us to deliver this leadership training program for you please contact us and we'll arrange to have a chat over the phone or face to face. We'll show you the courses that make up the 12 month program in detail, the Action Focused Reflective Logbook and bespoke it to include any of your paperwork, policies and procedures. Out trainers are very flexible and make it relevant to the team they are delivering too. 

Buying the Annual License

It's a lot kinder on your training budget if you or your trainers deliver this program. 

Training companies (not us) could charge up to £1,200 per day for each session so over the year it would cost you £14,000 to deliver one leadership training Program. If you have 12 of your team members on one program the license fee works out at @£50 per person per month, which includes the fee for the reflective logbook, and of course you are not restricted to just 12 learners and one program - you can deliver as many as you need. 

We also offer a FREE (in most cases) 2 day train the trainer session so your trainers get a better understanding of the program and tools used. There may be expenses to pay. Contact us to discuss your needs and for further information

So What do I Get For My Investment?

There are 12 training sessions within this leadership training program, these are listed below. Once you purchase the license you receive the following for each session: 

  • Programme guide
  • Session plan – Including aims and objectives
  • Detailed trainer presentation notes – including space for trainer notes, thoughts and reflections
  • Useful resources
  • Practice sheets if applicable to the session
  • Activity sheets if applicable to the session
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Practical team communication activity/training aids if applicable to the session
  • A FREE 2 day train the trainer program usually charged at £1000 (Expenses may be charged depending where you are in the world)

And the whole program comes with the Action Focused Leadership and Management Logbook which helps to keep the team of learners accountable for achieving their part of the company or organisation's vision. 

What Does the Leadership Training Program Look Like?

Management Skills
The management skills session focuses on managing staff through the four predictable stages of team development to create a high performing team of self-directed and motivated staff. The focus after this session is for the learners to start delegating to develop their team.

Leadership Skills
Leaders live and think in the future and during this session the team create their own annual (11 month) statement of intent which is reviewed during the last session of this program to measure accountability. The focus after this session is to choose one of the top leadership skills to develop and formulate a plan to develop their own Emotional Intelligence.

Managing Time
Two weeks before the session the team are emailed a time management log for them to log two days’ worth of work time, the interruptions they have to cope with and their energy levels throughout the day – which we work through during the session. The focus after the course is to free up 30 minutes at the end of every day to plan the following day, which will result in more time.

DISC and Communication Skills
The team are introduced to the DISC psychometric test (they complete one) and learn how it is a powerful tool for a manager and a leader. We discuss communication skills – mainly email and managing an inbox. The focus after this session is to work out individual team members preferred communication style and their consistent characteristics.

Recruitment and Selection
The team are taken through potential discrimination during the interview process and the recruitment cycle from analysing a CV, pre-screening applicants, interview and question techniques and making the decision. The focus after the session is to look at the company system that is currently being used and get involved with interviewing.

Managing a Changing Environment
We look at the benefits of managing change, an interesting change management model and analyse a recent change within the business. The learners reflect on any improvements they can make for upcoming change within their team and organisation.

Introduction to Human Resource Skills for Managers
This session is about improve not remove. We have a good look at the role of a HR Practitioner and how to initiate and manage an effective PIP process. The team also have a look at challenging conversations, investigations and the disciplinary procedure. It’s an introduction and the focus after the course is to implement the PIP process as a positive development tool.

Dealing with Difficult People and Managing Conflict Within Teams
“Are people trying to be difficult or are they in difficulty”. The team of managers learn that conflict starts when a need has been removed. We look at the needs of the team members and that of the managers and analyse where potential conflict may happen and how to manage it.

Coaching Skills for Managers
Only 30% of the managers and leaders in the UK understand what coaching actually is. We will learn the difference between teaching/instruction, mentoring, counselling and coaching and work through the GROW model and look at how the team can implement coaching for performance and coaching for development into the business/organisation. The focus after this session is to deliver a coaching session (which we develop in the session) without the team member knowing they are being coached.

Appraisal Skills and Meeting Etiquette
If, according to a recent study, meetings are the number 1 timewaster in the workplace then they need to be managed more effectively. We will look at ways to improve current practices and design a meeting charter.

The second part of the day is committed to delivering effective appraisals and putting together motivational personal development plans for the following year. The focus after this session is to organise and hold a team meeting and plan for effective team appraisals.

Team Building Skills
This session looks at building professional relationships and rapport within the team. We’ll look at how to promote a functional team and look at ways to build a high performing team in the workplace with the knowledge from the previous sessions. A very active session with the focus of the day being on removing interdepartmental barriers and to start an annual team building program at work.

Statement of Intent and Program Review
During the last session of the action focused leadership training program we look at the statement of intent which each learner created during the Leadership session (month 2). We look at and celebrate individual results, challenges and victories. We also review each session as a reminder and create an action plan for the following year.

If you've read this far you're clearly interested. Why not contact us and we can arrange a 15 minute call to answer any questions you have. We can do this over the phone, over Skype or preferably face to face

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