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The online leadership and management training academy is unique and it's not just for those based in the UK. It's held online but comes with weekly virtual support from a multi-award-winning business manager and leadership training consultant. 

You'll find more information in the video (on the right) of what to expect when you or your team member enters the training academy.

It's an amazing platform that you, or your team member/s have access to for 12 months and they work through one module per month (about 4 hours per week). 

It's ideal if you only have one or two team members and can't find an open program for them to join or your trained team need a little support from an external tutor

This very action focused academy is designed to make a difference instantly and Adrian Close (the tutor) and your learner's line manager are there to hold them accountable for achieving the learning objectives

There is also an accountability group to ensure that all training goals are achieved - like I said there is nothing else like it!

£99 per month for 12 months or a one-off payment of £997

Both the above are per person for 12 months access to the academy, the support group and the accountability group. If it's easier we can invoice you and set up your learner/s for you

My Mission: I, and the training consultants that work with/for me, want to create a society where it's normal for the new generation of leaders and aspiring leaders to lead and manage their teams with compassion, empathy, drive and enthusiasm and to not feel trapped by the old ways of leadership that no longer work.

I know I can make a bigger impact by helping other people, like you, shift the perspective of your industry and I want to give you the knowledge and tools to engage your teams further with The Ultimate Leadership Training Methods (Adrian Close, Leadership Training Consultant)

The Modules

The Online Leadership and Management Training Academy has 12 modules. The modules are similar to the ones I deliver during the one-day in-person leadership program. The only difference is that, in this academy, I am able to go deeper into the various topics because I am not restricted to the usual 09:00 - 17:00 timings. The modules are as follows:

  • Management Skills
  • Leadership Skills and Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Time More Effectively
  • Effective Communications Skills
  • Recruitment and Selection Skills
  • Culture and Change Management Skills
  • HR Skills for Managers
  • Coaching Skills
  • Team Building Skills
  • Dealing With Difficult People and Conflict Management
  • Meeting and Appraisal Skills
  • Mentoring Skills

Supporting Information

Each topic above is split into various relevant sections. Each section comes with at least one video tutorial from Adrian Close. In the videos, the learners will be guided through the various topics in a logical order. Most videos come with supporting information, a work sheet and tasks for each learner to complete. There are areas where the learners can pause the video and complete the work or complete the work before moving on. The activities are designed to make a difference straight away and I've always had great feedback.

The Virtual Support

All the learners join a private Facebook group. Each week there is an 'ask me anything' post where the learners can ask their questions regarding the particular topic they are learning or a particular issue they need advice and support on. All the questions will be answered on a Facebook live by Adrian a day or so after, usually the questions are posed on Tuesday and answered on a Thursday to give everyone time. The lives are recorded so can be watched when the learner is ready and obviously helps with different time zones and for those managers and leadership teams who work nightshifts. There will also be the opportunity to join in on live Zoom sessions which are designed to offer more support.

What some previous learners sitting our courses have said:

"There has been so much I’ve gained from this session it is hard to list. The main thing I have taken from the training is greater confidence and motivation to be a great manager".

"Adrian, you should bring your skills to the council as a “trouble shooter” Please come back again".

Sarah – (Planning Team Manager) – Greater Cambridge Planning Department

"I found Adrian's delivery style excellent and he made time to talk through some of our issues at our level".

David - (Management Team) - Sheffield College

Trust Pilot Score - 4.5/5

Adrian provided an excellent course which enhanced the attitude and skills of our staff. We highly recommend this course for all education organisations, student unions and schools seeking to improve their service levels -Leeds Trinity University - Customer Service Skills Course

Trust Pilot Score 5/5

One of the best customer service training providers, thanks to Adrian, our airline staff now have the knowledge and skills to confidently deliver a professional service to passengers. Furthermore, this course also provided our staff with excellent course notes -Humberside Airport - Customer Service Skills Course

The Online Leadership and Management Training Academy

Training course feedback for our leadership and management training Adrian CloseTraining course feedback for our leadership and management training Adrian Close

The online Leadership and Management Training Academy

HUGE BENEFIT # 1 - 12 Modules, Weekly Virtual Support and the Accountability Group for Just £699

The online leadership academy is either £79 per month (for 12 months) or a one-off payment of £699 (saving you £249) - these prices are per person. For this, each learner receives their own log-in codes, 12 months access to the academy, weekly support with the trainer, membership to the accountability group and the confidence that the contents of this program have been tried, tested, developed and delivered to teams in all industries - so book your spot now to take advantage of this huge discount

HUGE BENEFIT # 2 - Membership to the Academy Support Group

The issue with most online leadership and management training academy is that once you book, that's it, you're on your own. Not with this one! There is weekly virtual support via a private Facebook group that only academy members have access to. Every week there will be an ask me anything post to answer any questions members have and also to offer advice around specific issues the learner is having - like "Adrian, how do I manage friends and family" is always a popular one.

Remote leadership learningRemote leadership learning

HUGE BENEFIT # 3 - In Your Own Time

I love delivering face to face training courses, but in this new, modern, hectic, often remote working world, it's sometimes difficult to get everyone together at the same time in the same place. Not with this training academy. We advise allocating around 4 hours per week for your team members to spend on their development within the academy at a time that suits them - then it's up to them to plan it in to their working week (a key management skill) and complete the learning and the tasks we cover. All the Facebook support they receive is recorded, so again, this can be viewed when convenient for the learners.

HUGE BENEFIT #4 - A Unique Leadership Community

One of my aims is to build a community of motivated, like-minded leaders and managers that support each other just by saying 'you're not alone' and 'you can do it'. There's a lot of talk about improving mental health and supporting team members. Well, I do it in a way that no-one else does. I am here to help and support everyone in their learning journey; and it's all included in the £699 per person.

HUGE BENEFIT # 5 - Learning From Someone Who Has Been There

I've had lots of positive feedback from the courses I have delivered and one of the most popular comments is that I make it real. I bring it to life with real life stories and offer solutions to issues that all managers face from time to time. I've managed lots of staff in all sorts of businesses and have dealt with all sorts of issues. I never profess to know everything, but I will always find an answer and help your team member/s through their particular obstacles.

The Online Leadership and Management Training Academy

As well as lots of smaller businesses and organisations, below are examples of some larger organisations who have received training from our director of learning at Ultimate Leadership Training:

spring care


Gatwick School



Please contact us to discuss any training requirements you have, we either deliver for you or sell you the course for your trainers to deliver to your team

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The online Leadership and Management Training Academy that comes with live virtual support, open leadership and management training course program, 12 modules over 12 months that will work with anyone’s budget

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The online Leadership and Management Training Academy