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The management training course in Derbyshire and much more - Play the video for details..!

The management training course in Derbyshire, here are your choices:

  ➡️  One Day in Person Training Day - Contact Us For Details

  ➡️  The Online Management Skills Training Program

  ➡️  The 12 Month Growth Academy for New and Aspiring Managers

  ➡️  Leading with Confidence - 6 week program (Currently FREE)

The 6 week leading with confidence is currently FREE to give you an idea of what one of our online training programs look like

The management training course in Derbyshire is either a one-day training course, smaller energetic bitesize sessions delivered virtually, part of our 12-month action focused leadership and management training program (which can also be delivered virtually) or via our online training platforms - And don't let the online bit put you off, they are like nothing you've come across before. All achieve excellent results and promote an action focused and high-performance culture.

Before any training is delivered a lot of time is spent on ensuring the courses or bitesize sessions are right for you. We start with the end in mind and build all of your goals and core values into the heart of it so you are able to see the results instantly which makes for a great return on your investment. 

The in person management and leadership training courses are held at your workplace (or chosen venue) or virtually via our Zoom account. The management training course in Derbyshire is usually from 09:00 - 16:00 but as we are local we can start from 07:00 GMT. 

If you have a trainer or training team and are looking to buy the training course to deliver yourself then look no further - ours are also for sale - Click here for details

We specialise in management, leadership, coaching and HR courses and have done for many years. You may also be interested in our Aspiring Managers Training Program - Please don't hesitate to contact one of the team to discuss your training goals

Leadership and management training for new and aspiring managersA Leadership and Management Training Program our Leadership Trainer Delivered For in the North West

Our Management Training Course in Derbyshire

We have delivered the training session to many teams in most industries throughout the UK, and further afield, with great results. The training helps to create an action focused and high performing culture at all levels.

The management training course in Derbyshire, is either a one day training session, shorter 3 hour or 90 minute sessions or part of the 12 month Acton Focused Leadership and Management Program which comes with the Reflective Logbook, which is such a powerful tool and keeps your managers and team leaders, at all levels, accountable for achieving their part of the vision.  

Our management training courses have been written and developed by successful leaders and business owners who also train. The information we cover in all our training courses is from bloody nose experience rather than ivory tower philosophy

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The 12 Month Action Focused Growth Academy for New and Aspiring Managers

You'll find more information in the video (on the right) of what to expect when you or your team member enters the training academy.

It's an amazing platform that you, or your team member/s have access to for 12 months and they work through one module per month (about 4 hours per week). 

It's ideal if you only have one or two team members and can't find an open program for them to join or your trained team need a little support from an external tutor

This very action focused academy is designed to make a difference instantly and Adrian Close (the tutor) and your learner's line manager are there to hold them accountable for achieving the learning objectives

There is also an accountability group to ensure that all training goals are achieved - like I said there is nothing else like it!

£99 per month for 12 months or a one-off payment of £997

Both the above are per person for 12 months access to the academy, the support group and the accountability group. If it's easier we can invoice you and set up your learner/s for you

What Issues the Program and our Training Courses Resolve

Learners who have sat the management training course and leadership program have produced amazing results. They’ve learnt:

the 12 month leadership and management training program
  • To change their management style to suit the person they are managing rather than expect the person they are managing to change themselves to suit the manager

  • To manage their time, energy and interruptions. One manageress saved 2 hours per day! By managing her time and delegating effectively

  • To communicate more effectively by understanding DISC psychometric testing

  • To recruit the best fit into the right position based on capability and the core values

  • To manage changes effectively using a 5-stage goal orientated change management system

  • To use performance improvement plans as a positive development tool

  • To manage conflict effectively by recognising needs and not just brushing them under the carpet and hope they go away

  • To deliver effective coaching sessions (by actively listening) and promoting action

  • To hold meetings that matter and implement a purposeful appraisal system

  • To take affirmative action and promote growth

It really is the best management training course in Derbyshire and anywhere for that matter. The program consists of 12 training courses (one per month if in person - two sessions per month if delivered virtually). There are lots of activities within each session that create goals for the learners to achieve when they return to work. They are designed to promote action and because they are monthly the managers and team leaders are held accountable to the tutor and their peers for achieving them - Here’s a link for further information 

So, What’s so Special About us – What Makes us Different

Primarily we are very experienced multi award-winning business managers and team leaders who are also qualified training consultants and published authors. We deliver and write our training programs from bloody nose experience not ivory tower philosophy. It’s OK covering the change curve (for example) in the change management session but it doesn’t teach you how to manage change! So, we don’t use it. Instead we use tried and tested action focused techniques that have worked for us to implement change within our teams and businesses. 

We also get so frustrated (and I’m sure you do too) with one day training courses and even some longer programs that don’t promote action. The tutor turns up, delivers a “presentation”, covers some interesting information and at the end leaves. The team have had a great day and leave happy with the day, but nothing happens, there’s no action = Poor return of investment

Who we Work With?

Our company works with small, medium and large companies and organisations, in all industries, anywhere in the world. The goal is to help them to help themselves – not just to deliver a training course and then leave them to it.

  • We leave them with actions to move themselves, their team and the business forward
  • We aim to leave your team more confident and motivated to put the information they have learned to work for them, resulting in a more engaged and effective team member
  • We do this by delivering sessions that fit with your people and organisation in a language they understand. The sessions are fun, very active and team focused

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The Proof

The proof in our product, service and professionalism comes from our clients and you can find a link to our testimonials below. On several occasions’ clients have booked the 12-month Action Focused Leadership and Management Program on the back of attending the management training course in Derbyshire, in fact one booked the program during the first break – it’s that powerful!

My favourite testimonial from a recent Leadership training course is as follows:

"What a great day in Leadership Training yesterday with our management team. Thank you to Adrian Close for an inspiring training session. Some great takeaways I'd like to share:

  • Don't manage your time, manage your energy
  • What you permit, you promote
  • Don't expect them to change for you, change for them

By understanding the different personality types and behaviours in your team, can help you work together better to achieve that one centric goal". Lydia - (Marketing Manager) - Nimbus Hosting – Hertford

You can find more testimonials here

Leadership and management training with coaching, support and accountabilityLeadership and management training with coaching, support and accountability

So, to Sum Us Up:

We are a training course provider (based in the Peak District) with a global reach. The courses we write are changing the culture in some of the largest companies around and our trainers and authors are all specialists in their field and experienced business leaders and managers. We keep our overheads low and reflect this in the price (for example we don't have an office to pay for as we all work remotely, which works very well for us, and you).

The training materials we produce and the management, leadership, coaching and HR books we write can be found all over the UK, mainland Europe, the USA, South Africa and Australia. We're excited to see where's next?

The Next Step

If you’d like any information about the management training course in Derbyshire or other one day courses we deliver or to discuss the contents of the 12 month Action Focused Leadership and Management Training Program please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be in touch. 

Management Training Course in Derbyshire

As well as lots of smaller businesses and organisations, below are examples of some larger organisations who have received training from our director of learning at Ultimate Leadership Training:

spring care


Gatwick School



Please contact us to discuss any training requirements you have, we either deliver for you or sell you the course for your trainers to deliver to your team

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Management Training Course in Derbyshire – interactive action focused in person, virtual and online training courses and programs comes with additional support and accountability

Management Training Course in Derbyshire