Hill Valley Team Building Activity

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This group rescue team building activity is an excellent addition to most training courses. I've used it for management skills, EDI training and customer service skills

This is similar to the classic desert survival team building activity obviously in a different scenario. 

The activity

It is 9.00am during the holidays and the fire alarm has gone in H block which has fifteen floors. You are a member of the senior management team, and you are informed that the fire is serious, although it’s not thought that many people are in the building. 

The fire seems to be getting out of control.  It started on the fifth floor and within five minutes has spread to the sixth floor. The fire service has arrived and have used a loud hailer to instruct those in the building to make their way to the roof as flames and dense smoke are blocking all emergency exist downwards. The Chief Fire Officer has told you that the fire is likely to progress up the building at the current rate given the conditions but that the main structure is unlikely to collapse. It could spread faster as there are chemical laboratories on the top three floors. He has asked for a helicopter to lift those in the building to safety. It will take approximately 25 minutes for the helicopter to arrive, and then will take 10 minutes to airlift each person to safety. The fire fighters will in the meantime try to keep the rate of the fire from spreading, but there is little hope of putting it out.  

A member of staff has phoned from the 15th floor to say that there are six of them about to go onto the roof.  One of the staff has a mobile phone with them so you will be able to remain in contact while the airlift takes place.  The Chief Fire Officer asks you to put the list of names in order so they can take off the staff in order of priority. You meet with the Director of Personnel and the Director to discuss what the priorities are.  

It's definitely one of my favourites - you'll love it

If you're not convinced contact one of the team and we will set up a Zoom call to talk you through it in more detail