1 to 1 skills training course

Buy our 1 to 1 skills training course for you and your team of managers supervisors and team leaders. It's fun, inclusive, very popular with our clients and works well with a structured performance management system

This is possibly the best 1 to 1 skills training course you will ever find and it's only £299 - yours to keep. This one to one skills course will help your team motivate, inspire and build a high performing atmosphere within your organisation where trust and co-operation prevail. 

The course promotes empowerment and the one to one meetings we discuss are all about setting monthly stretch goals for your team and holding them accountable for their success. Done right they are hugely motivational and a place for your team members to concentrate on their "Key Result Areas" and ask "Why am I on the payroll, what is it specifically you need and want from me". You need to have this clarity of thinking if you are aiming to reduce team attrition. 

When you buy this course you get the following:

  • Course breakdown and suggested timings
  • Comprehensive trainer notes
  • Power point slides 
  • Learner notes with the slides on
  • All the handouts - With this course all the handouts are presented in a 23 page learner workbook. 
  • Some great activities to embed the importance and procedures for successful 1 to 1's and develop the skills of your managers, supervisors and team leaders
one to one skills training course

The 1 to 1 Skills Training Course for you to buy is just £299 and it includes all that is listed to the left. See further details below

But this course for £299

Why do we think our 1 to 1 skills course is the best 1 to 1 skills training course for you and your team?

A. The tried and tested comprehensive trainer notes - explain what needs to be taught and at what time. The notes indicate the best times to have breaks and lunch and are easy to follow. 

B. The Power point slides - ARE NOT full of notes, funny enough we put the notes on the tutor notes?! Most of the slides have relevant images for the visual learners and act as a backdrop to the discussions. 

C. Learner notes with the slides on - for the learners to make notes as you go

one to one skills training course

A great team down in Alton. It's people like this take make our job enjoyable

D. All the handoutsfor this course include:

  • This course comes with a 23 page workbook for the learners to use during the training session and refer to after the training has been completed
  • There is also a preparing to give feedback handout

E. The Workbook - When you buy this one to one skills training course you also receive the 1 to 1 workbook which is a great resource for you and your team of learners both during the training course and to refer to after. it contains: 

  • Optimising the meeting invitation
  • Lots of examples of different types of meetings
  • Preparing for the meeting
  • Focusing on behaviour
  • Active listening
  • Setting objectives
  • After the one to one meeting is over - keeping the team (and managers) accountable for action
  • Tips to have more effective one to one meetings
  • A couple of sample forms
  • An action plan

The workbook alone makes it the best 1 to 1 skills training course around

The Very Best 1 to 1 Skills Training Course Breakdown

The best 1 to 1 skills training course is broken down into four sessions.

Session 1

The Introduction to Effective one to one's

10:00 - 11:30

After the introductions and housekeeping we go straight into an icebreaker where the learners think about real situations they can discuss where listening has been poor, which leads us straight into an active listening session.

We also discuss the benefits of effective one to ones and why people hand in their notice, Why do people leave?  

Session 2

The Different types of One to One's

11:45 - 12:30

After a short comfort break we concentrate on building a high performing team of self-directed and motivate team members

One to one's can become very boring very quickly! They can be seen as a tick box exercise which benefit the management and the company rather than what they are intended for. 

In this section we discuss the importance of managers planning an annual one to one system and liaise with other departments to improve the synergy within the company

Session 3

The One to one process

13:00 - 14:15

After a well deserved lunch break we discuss the planning of one to one. The before, the during and the after.

For the second part of the session the learners are asked to plan an agenda for their next one to one. This is a great activity and of course they have access to the top tips in the workbook to help the. 

This is a great activity, not only is it a working document they can take away, it links straight into the last session

Session 4

Giving and Receiving Feedback

14:30 - 16:00

After our last quick comfort break its time for more on active listening. We kick off the last session with a very crafty energiser the highlights how we could all do with improving this skill.

Just before we close with questions and feedback we cover giving and receiving feedback

Buy this course for £299

As well as lots of smaller businesses and organisations, below are examples of some larger organisations who have received training from our director of learning at Ultimate Leadership Training:

spring care


Gatwick School



Please contact us to discuss any training requirements you have, we either deliver for you or sell you the course for your trainers to deliver to your team

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