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Monthly One to one meeting

Do you want to develop your managers and leadership teams to develop their people and team to develop the business or organisation

We sell the 12-month Action Focused Leadership and Management Program under license, train your training team (for FREE) to deliver it and keep in touch with them throughout the year, or alternatively we can deliver it for you - AND it's not as expensive as you may think!

The Program:

  • Saves you time and money
  • Has been delivered to small, medium and large businesses in different countries with great success
  • Is current, motivational and definitely develops an action focused and high performance culture

Welcome to The Ultimate Leadership Training Consultancy 

Our Mission: We want to create a society where it's normal for the new generation of leaders and aspiring leaders to lead and manage their teams with compassion, empathy, drive and enthusiasm and to not feel trapped by the old ways of leadership that no longer work. We know we can make a bigger impact by helping other people, like you, shift the perspective of your industry and I want to give you the tools to engage your teams further with The Ultimate Leadership Training Methods.

We are a training course provider with a global reach. The Leadership and management programs we write are changing the culture in some of the largest companies around and our trainers and authors are all specialists in their field and experienced business leaders and managers. Contact us to discuss your learning and development goals.

Our highly effective monthly one to one meeting training course will empower your team of managers and team leaders to take action and build a high performing team

Once you implement (and commit to) a thorough and inclusive annual performance management system your teams will flourish. This course is not just about the appraisal, it's about the whole journey the team member and their manager make together throughout the year. It's about highlighting and rewarding the monthly successes discussed in the one to ones and then setting the following years personal development plan.

If you want to reduce staff attrition, you need to have an effective appraisal system and our course highlights this.  

"Really enjoyable and delivered by someone who has vast experience within business" - David in Manchester (See more feedback here)

Want to Run the Monthly One to One Meeting Course Yourself

Our primary service and passion is to create courses that you can download and deliver yourself. When you buy one of our courses you get:

  • Comprehensive and easy to follow tutor notes
  • All the handouts
  • The PowerPoint slides
  • Learner notes
  • Any relevant game and activities

You can also contact one of our trainers if you have any questions. 

Let One of Our Highly Experienced Appraisal Trainers Run this Course for You

We specialise in management, leadership, coaching and HR courses and have delivered to some of the UK's best known companies.

We deliver the courses at your business or venue and bespoke them to your needs. Because our overheads are small we reflect this in our price. 

Please complete our contact form with as much information as possible regarding your requirements and we'll be in touch.

The Monthly One to One Meeting Training Course

Course Aims:

The aim of this one-day monthly one to one meeting training course is for the learners to leave with the confidence, knowledge and know how to deliver effective monthly one to one meetings with their teams as part of an organised performance management system.

Course Objectives:

  • Explain the five levels of listening
  • State the importance of one to one team meetings
  • List the six reasons why people leave
  • Think about the different types of one to ones
  • Become an active listener
  • Offer and receive feedback

Who Will Benefit From This Training Course?

All managers (experienced and new), team leaders, HR team members and anyone else involved in the regular appraising of their team.

This Course Works Well With:

Seven Reasons to Choose Ultimate Leadership Training to Deliver the Course for You:

     1.   We can deliver courses at any location to suit you

     2.   We keep our overheads down and reflect this in the prices we charge

     3.   All our qualified trainers are experienced at delivering the course and delivering supportive and effective one to one meetings

     4.   We go beyond the 360 approach

     5.   We can bespoke the course using your paperwork with no extra charge

     6.   If you decide to buy the course and all the course materials (for just £499) you can contact us if you need any questions answered

     7.   If we deliver the course for you, we set “after course” objectives (homework), we'll even give you a call to see how you're doing.

Leadership Training UK - 12 Month Packages

Action Focused Leadership Programs

Our 12 month development programs are designed by successful multi-award winning leadership and management specialists who have excelled as business leaders. 

If you need a development program for your team which holds them accountable for achieving their part of the company vision and ultimately generates profit, then one of these programs could be for you.

We either deliver the program for you or sell them under license for your trainers to deliver to your team

For any further information about any of the Action Centred Leadership and Management Programs we offer, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team

...Companies who have received training from our management, leadership, Coaching and HR specialist include:

Please contact us to discuss any training requirements you have, we either deliver for you or sell you the course for your trainers to deliver to your team

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Thanks for visiting our monthly one to one meeting training course page, here's a link to our homepage - you may also be interested in a great book recommendation which could help with developing a positive appraisal skills mindset. We recommend the One Minute Manager book.