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The DISC training tool will help your team improve their communication break down barriers improve their decision making and build a more productive workplace

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The DISC Training Tool E-Book contents: 

  • A DISC test paper you can use multiple times
  • What is DISC
  • The benefits of using DISC
  • How DISC works
  • The history of DISC
  • Consistent characteristics
  • DISC and email etiquette
  • Being effective with DISC
  • Comparing profiles
  • The next step and emotional intellegence 

Just £24.99

The DISC Training Tool

There are more expensive on-line tests you and your team can do. For example the Thomas International test is an excellent system and we can provide you with this too but they're usually over £100 per person and the bill can soon use up your training budget in one go!!

The form that comes with the DISC Training Tool E-Book is good enough to give you an accurate self image and you could ask a (trusted) colleague to complete one about you for an external view which you can compare - you can obviously print off as many as you need.

If you need a one day training session which delves deeper in the DISC psychometric test we can either deliver it for you or we can sell you the training course for one of your team to deliver. 

The course we recommend you book or buy with respect to DISC is our Advanced Communications Skills Course The course to buy is just £499 and you receive: 

  • The comprehensive trainer notes
  • The PowerPoint Slides
  • The Learner notes
  • All the handouts
  • And the knowledge that will improve communication, empathy and general wellbeing within your team and organisation. 

Obviously the team have to implement the knowledge, but everyone will leave the course with and action plan for their own development. 

Once you have mastered DISC you may also be interested in Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional Intelligence E-Book contents: 

Our 38 page Emotional Intelligence E-Book, which contains a test paper you can print off multiple times, explains how to improve:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Personal core values
  • Self-motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social skills
  • EI at work
  • Development goals
  • Weekly reflections
  • Development log

Thanks for visiting our DISC Training Tool page, here's a link to our homepage You may be interested in a film about one of the creators of the Disc Psychometric testing - William Marston

Psychologist and inventor 

Marston was a writer of essays in popular psychology. And he published a 1928 book Emotions of Normal People, which elaborated on the DISC Theory. Marston viewed people behaving along two axes, with their attention being either passive or active, depending on the individual's perception of his or her environment as either favourable or antagonistic. 

By placing the axes at right angles, four quadrants form, with each describing a behavioural pattern:

  • Dominance - produces activity in an antagonistic environment
  • Inducement - produces activity in a favourable environment
  • Submission - produces passivity in a favourable environment
  • Compliance - produces passivity in an antagonistic environment

Marston posited that there is a masculine notion of freedom that is inherently anarchic and violent, and an opposing feminine notion based on "Love Allure" that leads to an ideal state of submission to loving authority.

This was taken from Wikipedia which has more interesting information about William Marston, his life and achievements, well worth a read

As well as lots of smaller businesses and organisations, below are examples of some larger organisations who have received training from our director of learning at Ultimate Leadership Training:

spring care


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