DISC and emotional intelligence

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Managing DISC

With this e-book you will not only understand the four behavioural quadrants better but also how to improve communication within the team, use the profiles within succession planning or planning your own career and promote more synergy within the team.  

The book includes:

  • What is DISC
  • The benefits of using DISC
  • How DISC works
  • The history of DISC
  • Consistent characteristics
  • DISC and email etiquette
  • Being effective with DISC
  • Comparing profiles
  • The next step and emotional intelligence 

Once you and your team have a better understanding of DISC and psychometric testing with relation to improving communication skills within the workplace in more detail the results are staggering. It helps with inter-personal skills, giving feedback (both positive and developmental), recruitment and team building

It really is a fascinating subject and of course if you need a full days training course for you and your team please don't hesitate to contact us

Emotional Intelligence

Many managers mistakenly assume that leadership style is a function of personality rather than a strategic choice. Instead of choosing the one style that suits their temperament, they should ask which style best addresses the demands of a particular situation. 

Research has shown that the most successful leaders have strengths in the following emotional intelligence competencies:  

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social skill

Our EI test paper will help you to identify any developmental needs and this 38 page e-book will help you and your team develop the five pillars of emotional intelligence (listed above).

As well as an explanation of the five pillars there are also practical tips to start working on straight away. You'll also find, contained in the book, an area for developmental goals, a reflective journal and a developmental log which can be used as evidence for a qualification or a one to one meeting with your manager/mentor. 

It's a great book, packed with information that every leader and manager needs to know to build themselves, their team and the business. 

DISC and Emotional Intelligence

We don't believe you'll find a better deal anywhere. Our Disc and emotional Intelligence e-Books which contain the test papers are just £39.99 for them both. As soon as you buy them via the Pay Pal link you'll be directed to a separate landing page where we have included the links to each PDF, which you can download, save and use to your hearts content. 

If you'd prefer to pay by bacs transfer contact one of the team and we'll call you and let you know our bank details. We'll forward the campaigns via post (on a memory stick, as they are too large to email) and email you your receipt straight away.

Once purchased you can use them as many times as you need. They make a great addition to a comprehensive and on going performance management system.

Both are sold separately for £24.99

Thanks for visiting our DISC and emotional intelligence page, here's a link to our homepage. For more on the history of DISC and emotional intelligence here are a couple of sources for you - DISC - EI

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