Absence Management Training Activity

The Absence Management Training Activity is brilliant and can be used in person or virtually. It can be used for managers, team leaders, supervisors and HR teams

The Absence Management Training Activity Helping Managers to Develop Their Mindset and Support Short and Long-term Sickness

There are several outcomes to keep your team on their toes. The activity can take 15 minutes to complete, some have taken 45 minutes because of the disputes it causes, and that’s the point.

This absence management training activity (The Maze) is a brilliant tool I’ve used many times developing my own teams of managers in the various businesses I have managed and owned.

I’ve now updated it and it’s ready for you to use and download – obviously there is a fee, I don’t work for free, but I’m convinced that any business and organisation in any industry will benefit.

The Maze Absence Management Training Activity is Just £25.00. You receive it straight after payment is made

The Absence Management Training Activity

The main goal of this 42-page absence management training activity is to promote change and create a new mind set in the way managers, leaders and supervisory staff view issues relating to conduct, capability, and absence management.

The maze begins with a statement of a problem that can happen in any business - YOU ARE HAVING WITH ONE OF YOUR TEAM. Your learners have to assume the role of the assistant manager. 

The path down which the team proceed can and will differ from that of others. There is no “one path” to follow – just as there is no one path to follow in real life situations. But the path they move down will depend on their attitudes and actions at each point and they do have a choice.

This absence management training activity is best with a small group of around 6 team members  – you could split a larger group up and conduct the exercise one after another if time permits or the others can observe and make notes – or use separate rooms and ask one of the senior managers/team leaders to facilitate a group (once the senior manager has had a go).

Statement of the problem  

You’re a manager and you have a team of 25 staff working for you in your business.

Bobby Richards is one of your team who has been with you for 6½ months. (He has been with the company for 3 years – working in a different department/outlet). Bobby is absent today (Monday). You know he has been absent quite a bit but when you note today’s absence in your log, you are surprised to see that he has been absent for three Mondays out of the last four.

This has no doubt interfered with productivity and the overall customer experience and has been part of the cause for customer complaints due to slower service. You also notice that Bobby is one of a group of the staff who have asked for extra hours when possible and he has been given them at.

  • You feel action must be taken with Bobby’s absences.  
  • Which of the 5 steps below would you take first? 
  • Select the first step you would take from those below and ask the tutor for the page number indicted.

1 - Call Bobby to one side on his return and have a word with him (Return to work interview) - Turn to Page 9                    

2 - Ask some of the staff in your team who work with Bobby if they know what Bobby’s problem might be - Turn to Page 4

3 - Ask one of the managers where he previously worked what his attendance record was like  - Turn to page 7

4 - Discuss the matter with your manager - Turn to Page 11

5 - Transfer him back to the business he came from - Turn to Page 34

The Maze Absence Management Training Activity is Just £25.00. You receive it straight after payment is made

And the maze continues over 41 pages frustrating the team who are going through it as they trudge back and fourth highlighting classic mistakes that managers make whilst managing short and long-term sickness and other absences. It's a great activity for them to make mistakes in within a supportive and safe environment - Yours to buy, download and use during your trainings sessions (in person or virtually) or team meetings.

As well as lots of smaller businesses and organisations, below are examples of some larger organisations who have received training from our director of learning at Ultimate Leadership Training:

spring care


Gatwick School



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Thanks for visiting our absence management training tool page, here's a link to our homepage. At the end of our absence management training course we recommend further reading - The one minute manager is a great read for changing a managers mindset. 

The absence management training tool is brilliant. It can be used for managers, team leaders, supervisors and HR teams help managers manage the absences of their team members more effectively

The Absence Management Training Activity