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The one to one skills course training games

There are some more team building in activities in the grey box below and these help team members, managers and leadership teams develop and test communication skills, decision making skills and help build an environment of trust and co-operation - They can be used on or off-line. 

Our team building activities are fun, motivational and challenge the way your team think about the business and the team

Every journey that managers, leadership teams and team members take, both physically and mentally, starts with self-awareness and these activities will emphasise this as the team progress through them and debrief and reflect on the results

The first 3 below are excellent team building in business activities and can be used face to face or via Zoom. In fact they are brilliant on Zoom and encourage people to have better online conversations, because if they don't they'll never 'survive' (in the activity). 

Our Training Games and Team Building Activities Book

Our team building in business activities book is 104 pages long and contains 73 training games and activities that we've used in the various training sessions we deliver. Examples of the activities include:

  • There are several team building in business activities including the desert survival activity 
  • There is an activity/presentation (about 90 minutes to present) that explains the 4 predictable stages a team member goes through
  • There are loads of activities that can be used in customer service type courses
  • There are two activities that explain that common sense is often sense that becomes uncommon
  • One of our favourites is on page 77 which is a total mind bender. It also embeds maths into your training which is quite very cool
  • There are brain teasers, conundrums and energisers that will add both humour and learning

Benefits of One to One Skills Course Training Games

When people hear the phrase team building, they instantly back away into a corner of the room or their mind and prey they won’t be picked or have to do something in front of people. The activities in our Games for Trainers Book aren’t like this. The teams are split into smaller groups so everyone can feel comfortable sharing their knowledge and points of view.

If you are looking for one to one skills course training games for your team training and team development sessions, then these will help, they’re a great resource you can use when you need.

The list of benefits to the teams that we have trained include

  • Obviously, TEAMWORK, they will work closely together in situations they may not have come across before
  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS. When we ask HR Managers what they would like to change within their organisations if they had a magic wand and the first suggestion is communication and culture
  • They develop LEADERSHIP skills. Every physical or mental journey that a team member takes (it doesn’t matter at what level they are) starts with self-awareness and our team building activities certainly promotes this
  • They are FUN and adults learn whilst having fun and remaining interested
  • People BOND. They develop an appreciation for the people they work for and with
  • They develop CONFIDENCE. Life begins at the edge of the comfort zone and our team building activities and leadership development tools certainly do this
  • Team members take RESPONSIBILITY for the solution and develop decision making skills
  • TRUST and co-operation should be the beating heart of your team
  • MORALE will increase. Your team members will see that there is an investment in them, so they will spend more time investing in you
  • With trust above so there will be RESPECT for the trainer and their colleagues
  • Developing the CULTURE is key and professionally run team building activities will go along way towards developing the culture
  • Action focused RESULTS are key for any trainer, manager and training session otherwise it’s a waste of investment

Your team members will learn their own strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and fears with the games and activities contributing to a deeper relationship and trust amongst their team members.

As well as lots of smaller businesses and organisations, below are examples of some larger organisations who have received training from our director of learning at Ultimate Leadership Training:

spring care


Gatwick School



Please contact us to discuss any training requirements you have, we either deliver for you or sell you the course for your trainers to deliver to your team

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The Best One to One Skills Course Training Games