Communication Skills Training Program

A Communication Skills Training Program like no other...

One to one personal development and coaching to improve an individuals communication skills

This is an excellent 6 week communication skills training program (as described below) for any of your team who are great at their job but need some support developing the communication skills to promote inter-departmental unity.

Your team member will be supported in a very safe environment by our very experienced trainer who has also managed various businesses and lead all types of teams

Each session will have your company core values at their heart and we add - the pursuit of excellence and quality in everything we do.

We hold one session per week, it lasts for 90 minutes and we can start at 08:00 any day of the week dependant on other booking. This communication skills training program will change the way they see themselves, their work colleagues and their customers.

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The 6 Week Communication Skills Training Program Breakdown

Session One: Introductory coaching session to highlight the 6-day program goals

  • Initial introduction
  • Initial coaching session
  • Highlighting goals from the above
  • Taking the I out of the conversation (listening techniques)

After session activity/concentration: Taking time to listen

Session Two: Communication Skills

  • Quick review of previous week
  • The benefits of effective communication
  • Know who our audience are (Introducing DISC)
  • An effective communication model - Exclusive to our sessions
  • More active listening skills

After session activity/concentration: Remove communication barriers

Session Three: Advanced Communication Skills and DISC

  • Quick review of previous week
  • Introduction to DISC
  • Team member completes a DISC psychometric test paper + analysis
  • Consistent characteristics
  • Profiling the team

After session activity/concentration: Profile team members they come in touch with and adapt communication to suit the recipient

Session Four: Improving emotional intelligence

  • Quick review of previous week
  • What is emotional intelligence
  • Team member completes an EI test paper + analysis
  • Improving EI and development goals

After session activity/concentration: Self-reflection and preparation for the managing time session

Session Five: Managing time

There is an activity the team member will complete before this session which they receive after the previous session. The team member will be asked to complete a time management log which we can discuss and analyse in the managing time session. The activity logs the team members daily tasks, their energy levels throughout the day (key to managing time) and any interruptions they have.

  • Quick review of previous week
  • Clock time and real time
  • Feedback from pre-session activity
  • Prioritising tasks (5 steps)
  • Actions, to do lists and managing interruptions
  • Working in blocks

After session activity/concentration: Manage time more effectively

Session Six: Managing stress and increasing positivity

  • Quick review of previous week
  • Circle of influence
  • Tips for reducing stress
  • Choosing a positive state of mind

After session activity/concentration: Building excellence and quality in every action, thought and conversation

The personal development log

As part of the team member's continual development with respect to emotional intelligence they will be issued with a personal development log and weekly reflective journal. They will be encouraged to plan time into their week to reflect on their own performance. This log can be used in their one to one sessions with their line manager to chart their ongoing improvements in the areas covered by the training.

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The Communication Skills Training Program

As well as lots of smaller businesses and organisations, below are examples of some larger organisations who have received training from our director of learning at Ultimate Leadership Training:

spring care


Gatwick School

Please contact us to discuss any training requirements you have, we either deliver for you or sell you the course for your trainers to deliver to your team

Thanks for visiting our communication skills training program page, here's a link to our homepage. There's a great book we recommend at the end of the communication skills training program for improving communication which is Making the Boat Go Faster

The Communication Skills Training Program