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Hospitality marketing campaigns that will attract new customers, motivate your existing customers and double your current customer database has never been easier - If you use them for the whole 12 months we guarantee that your footfall will increase, if it doesn't we'll give you your money back (T's and C's apply). I have used them in my restaurant for many years to great success. In fact one restaurant I bought was taking £500 per week!! After using the following email marketing campaigns and promotions, plus others marketing pillars I will share with you during the year, I built the trade to £30,000 per week, and that was a country pub in the middle of a village in the Peak District.

  • Do you want to fill empty seats on your quieter days?
  • Do you need some original promotion ideas that won't break the bank? 
  • Do you need a bigger customer database?

You have many types of customers, but they all fit into 4 categories:

  1. Prospective customers
  2. Current Customers
  3. High Value Customers
  4. Lost Customers

Each of the above 4 categories need a different message. You can't ask a lost customer for a testimonial but you can ask a high value one and promoting the same message to a current customer and a lost customer won't make sense. That's why we've written 4 separate campaigns for each of the promotions (well nearly all). 

Prospective Customers are the ones that might have asked for a menu or signed up for a newsletter (for example). they haven't bought anything yet.

Current Customers are the ones that have visited

High Value Customers are the ones that love you

Lost Customers are the ones that no longer visit

The promotions we've designed are fun and original and the email marketing campaigns will drive interest from local companies, the four categories above and the local press. As long as you have a great product, a great team and great service they are guaranteed to work when done for the whole year.

We are also available throughout the year to help you with the promotions to ensure their success. The prices are below.

Top Tip

Before we get into the promotions and email marketing campaigns we suggest you download our Info e-Book (for free, below) which will explain a little more:

Hospitality Marketing Campaigns - The Prices

So hopefully you've downloaded the book and had a read. You can either buy a six month package or the 12 month package which works out at just £39 per month. That's £39 per month to attract new customers, reinvigorate current customers and double your current customer database, we don't think you'll find a better marketing campaign, specifically written for the hospitality industry by a multi-award winning hospitality business development specialist, for a similar price anywhere else. You also get our support throughout the year to ensure your promotions are a success (when you buy the full 12 months below). 

For businesses outside the UK these promotions will work for you too.

Six Month Campaigns - £294 per 6 months

Click on one of the links to the right for the 6 months you wish to purchase and you will be directed to a separate landing page where you will find the payment process, once paid you will receive the campaigns immediately for you to save. If you wanted to pay over the phone and receive an invoice via email contact us and we'll call you back. It works out a lot cheaper to buy the full 12 months 

Just a reminder on the prices:

  • £294 per six months (works out at £49 each)
  • £468 (works out at £39 each)

The most effective Hospitality Marketing Campaigns around

The Full 12 Months - £468 for the lot

When you buy the full year of hospitality marketing campaigns, which is by far the best value, you will also get as much help as you need setting up the promotions by one of our team (over the phone or virtually).

We will also forward you a copy of our Six Step marketing Plan book, for FREE, which is written specifically for Hospitality Business Managers and Leaders

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Thanks for visiting our hospitality marketing campaigns page, here is a link to our homepage. Our hospitality marketing campaigns have been written by our multi-award winning hospitality business manager Adrian Close and you can find out more about him here

The most effective Hospitality Marketing Campaigns around