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Aviation Training consulting. Are you a freelance trainer, training consult, tutor, coach or someone who has aspirations to work as a self-employed freelance training consultant/coach in the future?

I host several FREE 5-day challenges throughout the year that reveals how freelance trainers/training consultants, coaches and tutors can build their training business back to pre-covid levels and higher by creating and marketing a training program that your ideal clients will love

Your program, once built, will generate a predictable future flow of courses to deliver and income as it does for many of my clients that I coach and mentor

Why join?

  • It’s FREE
  • It’s delivered by a freelance trainer (me) who has a very successful training program
  • Each daily task takes just 30 minutes
  • It’ll take your training business to the next level

Click the link on the below to register your place in the challenge or contact me for more information

For Ambitious Aviation Training Consulting

Aviation Training Consulting - Why I have a Training Program

I've been delivering my leadership and management training program to my clients for a few years now. It's a 12 month action focused leadership training program that is unique and the clients I deliver it to love it because it's such a powerful and unique program

I work with just 10 clients per year because that suits my lifestyle and also allows me to host my FREE 5 day challenges and meet L&D professional like you.

Each program has 12 sessions (one per month) so when I have my 10 clients I have 120 bookings in the diary for the year. I used to have worries about where the next booking was coming from, not anymore and you can be in the same position by creating your own unique and clients pleasing training program

The challenge is delivered via a private Facebook group and runs from Monday to Friday from 6am (GMT). So you don't have to be based in the UK and we attract freelance training consultants from the United States of America, South Africa, India and Australia - I'm excited to see where next. 

Each day there is a task to complete which takes about 30 minutes. You don't have to be around at 6am (GMT) that's when it's available. Then there is an ask me anything post at 3pm (GMT and we go live in the Facebook Group at 7pm (GMT) to discuss the days task and at least one other relevant topic. 

There is an opportunity for some to work with me after the challenge to really boost their training business and for those that decide this is not for them they leave with all the information to build their own training program and I wish them luck.

The 12 Month Leadership Training ProgramMy Leadership program Brochure

How Do You Predict The Future?

Are you a self-employed freelance training consultant, tutor or do you have aspirations to become a training consultant?

The question is how do you predict the future? How can you predict future bookings?

It’s a question that plagued me for years!

I suppose if you are just delivering one day or shorter training sessions you can’t. You get a booking, deliver the session – you may get a second booking on the back of the session you have just delivered but it’s not guaranteed.

I’ve found that the only way to ensure future bookings in your diary is to have a longer training program.

I have written a 12-month leadership training program which allows me to predict future courses. If one program is booked, I have 12 in the diary and as I work with just 10 clients a year, I have 120 sessions booked.

When a client gets towards the end of the program, they are given the opportunity to book another for a different team or I promote the program to my list and contacts and fill the gap.

It certainly does make things easier, and I can concentrate on re-writes or improving the tools I use rather than sitting on Facebook or LinkedIn all day posting my wares.

I’m hosting a FREE 5-day challenge that reveals how freelance trainers/training consultants and tutors can build their training business back to pre-covid levels and higher by creating and marketing a training program.

The challenge is not about throwing a list of training courses together and hoping it resolves the issues your clients have. It’s about creating a unique problem-solving training program that no one else has and is ideal for your ideal client

We discuss how to market the program to the four types of clients we all have

So, if you need to predict the future bookings your business will attract, and who doesn’t, click the link and register for the FREE 5-day challenge

Here’s that link to register 👉 https://adrianclose.kartra.com/page/challenge-reg-page

Cheers for now


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I also have a virtual bookstore which has all my training games, team building activities, workbooks and training courses that are for sale

Aviation Training Consulting

As well as lots of smaller businesses and organisations, below are examples of some larger organisations who have received training from our director of learning at Ultimate Leadership Training:

spring care


Gatwick School



Please contact us to discuss any training requirements you have, we either deliver for you or sell you the course for your trainers to deliver to your team

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aviation training consulting are you a freelance trainer, training consult, tutor, or someone who has aspirations to work as a self-employed freelance training consultant in the future? Join my FREE 5-day training consultants business building challenge

Aviation Training Consulting