Buy the Leadership Skills for Prefects Workbook

Leadership for prefects front cover

£69.99 - Yours to download and keep

This leadership skills for prefects workbook is the one our leadership training specialist has written and uses when he delivers the leadership skills for prefects training course

The leadership skills for school prefects workbook is just £69.99, yours to download, keep and obviously print off an many as you need when delivering the courses in your school. We usually print it off and use a binding machine when delivering it to our clients. The workbook:

✔️   Contains all the activities and some tutor notes

✔️   Has activities to work on after the training 

✔️   Has been used in lots of different schools throughout the UK

Once payment has been received we will send you the above via WeTransfer as the contents are too large to post via standard email. We will also send you a normal email with your receipt of purchase and confirmation that it has been sent.  

If you need us to send an invoice with a purchase order on it please get in touch and we'll forward you one along with our bank details so your finance dept can pay by bank transfer.

The course comes with lots more activities, tutor notes, PowerPoint and the workbook

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