employee performance appraisal process

The employee performance appraisal process should be a simple but thorough meeting that sits within an annual performance management system to motivate teams

This is possibly the best course which covers the employee appraisal process you will ever find and it's only £499 - yours to keep. This employee performance appraisal process skills course will help your managers and team leaders to motivate, inspire and build a high performing atmosphere within your organisation where trust and co-operation prevail - it will also reduce team attrition.

The course promotes empowerment, positive communication skills and recognition for the monthly successes during the year. Too many managers make these meetings too formal and too scary - whatever time you give to these meetings (for example 90 mins) half should be spent on reviewing the monthly successes and the other half should be spent of setting out the vision and personal development plan for the following year - it should be that simple!

Team members should be set "Key Result Areas" and know exactly what is expected of them, so when they ask themselves "Why am I on the payroll" they can answer with confidence. Lots of companies are replacing the appraisals with "regular checkins" which are just appraisals wrapped differently. There needs to be a mindset change around the appraisal meetings and this course will help. 

You get the following:

  • Course breakdown and suggested timings
  • Comprehensive trainer notes
  • Power point slides 
  • Learner notes with the slides on
  • All the handouts 
  • Some great activities to embed the importance and procedures for successful appraisals and develop the skills of your managers, supervisors and team leaders

 The employee performance appraisal process course, for you to buy, is just £499 and it includes all that is listed to the left. See further details below

Just £499

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Why do we think our employee performance appraisal process course is the best appraisal skills training course for you and your team?

A. The tried and tested comprehensive trainer notes - explain what needs to be taught and at what time. The notes indicate the best times to have breaks and lunch and are easy to follow. 

B. The Power point slides - ARE NOT full of notes, funny enough we put the notes on the tutor notes?! Most of the slides have relevant images for the visual learners and act as a backdrop to the discussions. 

C. Learner notes with the slides on - for the learners to make notes as you go

A great team in Alton. It's people like this take make our job enjoyable

DAll the handouts - for this course include:

  • The Reasons they go wrong
  • The cost of replacing a team member
  • Competency question techniques
  • An appraisal form
  • A personal development plan

EThe activities - One thing that's sets our courses apart from others are the activities that they contain. Lots of thought goes into each and every one and we never repeat them in another course. They are fun and all have a point. They are not added to make the tutor look good they are used to embed the information and your teams will love them.

The Very Best Employee Performance Appraisal Process Course Breakdown

The best employee performance appraisal process course is broken down into four sessions.

Session 1

Understanding the importance of appraisal meetings

10:00 - 11:30

After the introductions and housekeeping we go straight into an icebreaker. It's an accuracy activity that runs through the day and highlights the importance of preparing for the meeting

We discuss why we need them and what happens if we get it wrong!

Session 2

Preparing for an effective appraisal meeting

11:45 - 12:30

After a short comfort break we return to the accuracy activity and then discuss how the appraiser and the appraisee should prepare for the meeting.

We have included some appraisal forms in the pack but it is advisable for you to use the company paperwork. However saying that if the company don't have a system we have a suggested one. 

Session 3

The appraisal process

13:00 - 14:15

After a well deserved lunch break we complete the accuracy activity and discuss the relevant learning points

We then move onto the whole appraisal process and the performance development plan. 

The team are given tools to plan an appraisal when they return to work, which can be assessed once completed. 

Session 4

Giving and Receiving Feedback

14:30 - 16:00

After our last quick comfort break we look at giving and receiving feedback and how to ensure all appraisals are finished on a high.

Every team member should leave either with the answer to "Why am I on the payroll" or a date in the diary to discover why. 

The appraisal is all about highlighting successes in the team members Key Result Areas and setting future ones. 

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