Aspiring Managers Online Training Program
An effective way of learning at a time to suit your team member/s

The ultimate aims of the Aspiring Managers Online Training Program is to give HR support teams and senior management/leadership teams their time back by training, developing, supporting and coaching the organisation's first time and aspiring managers to take responsibility for their role, grow in confidence and become everyone's favourite manager

The academy is an online leadership and management training platform that comes with weekly live support from a trainer who has managed his own teams and businesses with great success.

The trainer will guide your team member/s through the 12 modules over 12 months and answer any questions and concerns they have. There is also an accountability group to ensure the training goals you and they set themselves are achieved. You or the learner's manager will also receive a 'Manager's Pack', so you know what the team member/s are learning and working on at any given time. 

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You'll find more information in the video (on the right) of what to expect when you or your team member enters the training academy.

It's an amazing platform that you, or your team member/s have access to for 12 months and they work through one module per month (about 4 hours per week). 

It's ideal if you only have one or two team members and can't find an open program for them to join or your trained team need a little support from an external tutor

This very action focused academy is designed to make a difference instantly and Adrian Close (the tutor) and your learner's line manager are there to hold them accountable for achieving the learning objectives

There is also an accountability group to ensure that all training goals are achieved - like I said there is nothing else like it!

£99 per month for 12 months or a one-off payment of £997

Both the above are per person for 12 months access to the academy, the support group and the accountability group. If it's easier we can invoice you and set up your learner/s for you

How Shantell got back 10 hours a week ...

Shantell had been newly promoted to team leader, but she’d inherited a problem.

Her team struggled to stand on their own feet and make decisions.

Instead, they looked to her for quick answers and Shantell quickly realised that being her team’s ‘security blanket’ was costing her huge amounts of time and frustration.

She’d taken over an over dependent team

Fortunately, the company she works for understand the importance of developing their leadership teams, and Shantell was able to use the First Time Managers Growth Academy to gain the management and time management skills she needed to turn her own team around.

She implemented a plan, using what she learnt in the Academy, to promote growth through decision making, delegating, coaching and supporting her team members.

As a result, she was able to claw back a staggering 2 hours a day!

That’s 10 hours a week that meant she was able to take on new responsibilities, and it wasn’t long before she was promoted to a management position

Shantell’s success was down to her hard work, the support and guidance from within the academy and from her manager during the program. Shantell wasn’t the only team member from the company to be successful during the training program...

...and your team members will benefit from similar successes

TOP TIP: When you empower your aspiring and first-time managers with the skills, they need to get the best out of their teams, everyone wins. No security blankets needed!

The Online Leadership Training Course That Comes with Weekly Live CoachingThe Online Leadership Training Course That Comes with Weekly Live Coaching

The Aspiring Managers Online Training Program🪴

The Aspiring Managers Online Training Program

Over the past few months more and more people like yourself have asked to join a leadership program as an individual which is why we have created the Aspiring Managers Online Training Program, an environment where individuals can learn at their own pace and still get all the support they need.

The First-Time Manager’s Growth Academy🪴 teaches new and aspiring managers how to become everyone’s favourite manager even when the role gets difficult!

The Growth Academy includes the top 12 modules that I have been regularly asked to deliver to companies over the last 15 years and they are also the modules I teach my new and aspiring managers when they join my team. The difference between the face-to-face training and the academy is that I can cover more in the academy because the learners are encouraged to take a month learning one specific module.

They are as follows:

Month 1 – Management Skills

Month 2 – Leadership Skills

Month 3 – Managing Time

Month 4 – Communication Skills

Month 5 – Recruitment and Selection

Month 6 – Culture, Strategy and Change Management

Month 7 – HR Skills for Managers

Month 8 – Coaching Skills

Month 9 – Working Within a Team

Month 10 – Dealing With Difficult People and Conflict at Work

Month 11 – Meeting and Appraisal Skills

Month 12 – Mentoring Skills

Each module is broken down into subjects like the following.
The following is for the management skills

  • Welcome to Management
  • Training Goal
  • The Accountability Group
  • The Support Group
  • Out of the Box
  • The Box
  • Values
  • The Mission
  • Chain of Command
  • KPI's
  • The Perfect Manager Activity
  • The Perfect Manager
  • Building the Team
  • Making the Boat Go Faster (Ben Hunt-Davis)
  • Motivation
  • One to Ones
  • Delegation Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Management Summary

The management module in the first time managers growth academy which comes with live weekly supportThe management module in the first time managers growth academy which comes with live weekly support

Each part listed above comes with video tutorials (from an experienced training consultant who has also managed his own businesses and lead his own teams) and supporting documents like handouts, worksheets and e-books. For example, the one-to-one meeting section comes with a video tutorial and a one-to-one meeting form for you to use with your team.

There are lots of online learning platforms but the difference with this one is that you get weekly live virtual coaching from the tutor. Everyone who signs up to the academy will join a private Facebook group where they can ask the tutor questions about specific issues and get answers to them, these are held once a week. There will also be group Zoom chats and bonus lives.

The Manager's Pack

To promote accountability the learner's manager will receive a 'manager's pack'. The pack will contain the module activities that the learners will work through, including a module reflective process.

All these activities can (and should) be assessed by the managers every month. This can be in the form of regular one to one meetings or spot checks

The line managers growth and accountability packThe line managers growth and accountability pack

The Aspiring Managers Online Training Program🪴

As well as lots of smaller businesses and organisations, below are examples of some larger organisations who have received training from our director of learning at Ultimate Leadership Training:

spring care


Gatwick School



Please contact us to discuss any training requirements you have, we either deliver for you or sell you the course for your trainers to deliver to your team

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aspiring managers online training program where new and aspiring managers develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in a safe environment with weekly live coaching, support and accountability from an award winning trainer

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The Aspiring Managers Online Training Program