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When you buy this powerful change management training course you can be confident in the material as it has been successfully delivered to some of the largest companies and organisations in the UK and mainland Europe

This is possibly the best change management skills course you will ever find and it's only £499 - yours to keep. This change management training course will help your team motivate, inspire and build a high performing atmosphere within your organisation where trust and co-operation prevail. 

The course promotes effective communication, empowerment, team work, leadership and celebration when the change is successfully implemented. The change management model we use is current and easy to follow. The learners use the model during the session to evaluate a recent change and highlight areas for improvement. They also receive a change management reflective journal which will help their personal development after the course - there really is no point in sitting a course unless it has a positive effect on the business or organisation after the session. 

You get the following:

  • Course breakdown and suggested timings
  • Comprehensive trainer notes
  • PowerPoint slides 
  • Learner notes with the slides on
  • All the handouts 
  • A managing change reflective journal 
  • Some great activities to embed the importance and procedures for successful change management and develop the skills of your managers, supervisors and team leaders

The Change Management Training Course for you to buy is just £499 and it includes all that is listed to the left. See further details below

But this course for £499

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Why do we think our change management training course is the best change management training course for you and your team?

A. The tried and tested comprehensive trainer notes - explain what needs to be taught and at what time. The notes indicate the best times to have breaks and lunch and are easy to follow. 

B. The Power point slides - ARE NOT full of notes, funny enough we put the notes on the tutor notes?! Most of the slides have relevant images for the visual learners and act as a backdrop to the discussions. 

C. Learner notes with the slides on - for the learners to make notes as you go

A great team down in Alton. It's people like this take make our job enjoyable

D. All the handoutsfor this course include:

  • The change management action plan 
  • Assessing change activity sheet

E. The Reflective Journal - When you buy this change management training course you also receive the managing change reflective journal which is a great resource for you and your team of learners both during the training course and to refer to after. 

The Very Best change management training course Breakdown

The best change management training course is broken down into four sessions.

Session 1

The introduction to effective change management 

10:00 - 11:30

After the introductions and housekeeping we go straight into a change management definition activity. We then look at the four areas that change has an impact on and what happens when it all goes wrong.

Just before the break we discuss how different people could react to the change and identify any "change saboteurs".

Session 2

Resistance to change and peoples fundamental needs

11:45 - 12:30

After a short comfort break we look at the change saboteurs and discuss why people resist change and how to manage it. 

We then have a look at people's fundamental needs (referring briefly to Maslow's theory) and ways we can encourage the feeling of safety and security in the workplace - especially during change. 

Session 3

A change management model

13:00 - 14:15

After a well deserved lunch break we introduce the group to the model we will be using for the rest of the day

We'll look at how change management and project management run side by side and then explain each step of the change management model and the role of communication within changing environments. 

This is a really active part of the day. The learners are hardly ever in their seats and get involved in the presentations.

Session 4

Historical change analysis and the reflective journal  

14:30 - 16:00

After our last quick comfort break the learners assess a recent change that has happened within the business or organisation and present back any future learning points that need to be taken forward. 

Just before we close with questions and feedback we cover the reflective journal and how it's an important tool for their own personal development.

But this course for £499

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