Creative Training Games and Lego?!

Creative Training Games and Lego, Training games and creative activities complement training sessions

It’s all over the news and radio chat (14thFeb 2020), probably the socials too, about the Labour and Lib Dem councillors who slammed a training session where they used Lego blocks – calling it a "waste of taxpayers' “money" and "patronising".

Labour councillor Paul Bott, who represents Darlaston South, said: "We do not need to play Lego games to show we can build community relationships”. 

Then was reported to say "Those people around the table are intelligent members, elected members, and we were playing with building blocks.

"I refused to take part – I thought it was childish".

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Creative Training Games and Lego

Isn’t this refusal childish? Do teams revolve around just one person’s point of view or are we supposed to accept other people’s points of view? 

Mr Bott, every day should be a school day and there is always something new to learn.

Training games and creative activities complement training sessions, and in the defence of the tutor who used the Lego game with the councillors it did in this session too. Weather the context of the activity was explained or not I don’t know because I wasn’t there.

Training activities are like pepper in cooking. They can either compliment the taste or ruin the dish. Have you ever made a great cheese sauce only to add more pepper which bought out the taste in the cheddar? Or noticed that the protein in a piece of rare or raw steak and compliments and changes the taste of a high tannin wine. Training games do the same they make the session memorable or they ruin it.

In the case about the councillors (and especially Mr Bott) I think it’s sad. We learn as kids through play and storytelling and we still can. It seems when we get to all grown up we take our selves too seriously and it’s “my way or the high way”

We specialise in management, leadership, coaching and HR training sessions throughout the Uk and mainland Europe - and yes we use training games to emphasise a point, energise and ensure the training is remembered. In fact some of the biggest ah ha moments comes from an activity where it all makes sense. Mr Bott, in the above creative training games and lego story, was also reported saying - "Those people around the table are intelligent members, elected members, and we were playing with building blocks". and went onto refuse to "play the game". If Mr Botts was in one of my sessions I would have thrown in a very simple activity (which he wouldn't have seen coming) that proves that common sense sometimes is sense that becomes uncommon. He would have fallen in my trap and proved to himself that we don't know what we don't know. 

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