3 Month Management Training Program

The 3 month management training program we deliver or sell under license - The main benefits of:

  • We either deliver the program for you or you can buy the annual license and we train your trainers how to deliver it
  • Your managers will learn to change their management style to suit the person they are managing rather than expect the person they are managing to change for the manager
  • Your team will set some annual targets and set the steps to achieve them. These are reviewed at month 3 and the results have been fantastic - This is why we know it's action focused

  • Your leadership team will start to develop their emotional intelligence after being tested as part of the program
  • Your managers will learn how to delegate as a development and time management tool. They will also learn how to prioritise monthly actions and achieve their daily to do list with ease
  • Communication is at the heart of everything a leader does and we make effective communication a priority throughout the program
  • Your team will learn how to screen and recruit for the best candidate so they can manage and lead their team more effectively
  • Change is and will always be a constant within any business, organisation or team. We don’t use models that don’t explain how to manage change effectively we use an action focused process that we have used in our businesses many times

  • Your team will be introduced to the role of human resources so they can help reduce unnecessary pressure put on their HR teams
  • Your managers will learn how to master difficult conversations, deal with difficult people and manage conflict within teams 

  • At the heart of the 3 month management training program is a coaching style of management and your team will get to find out how to coach effectively and how so many managers and leadership teams get it wrong
  • Not only will your managers be introduced to an effective monthly one to one process culminating in the 12th month end of year one to one they will also learn effective meeting etiquette    
  • Your leadership team will learn how to motivate, inspire and building their teams

Here's What Some of Our Clients Have Said

Leadership Skills Training

"What a great day in Leadership Training yesterday with our management team. Thank you to Adrian Close for an inspiring training session. Some great takeaways I'd like to share:

  • Don't manage your time, manage your energy
  • What you permit, you promote
  • Don't expect them to change for you, change for them

By understanding the different personality types and behaviours in your team, can help you work together better to achieve that one centric goal"Lydia - (Marketing Manager) - Nimbus Hosting - Hertford

Discipline and Grievance Training - Course review

"I really enjoyed the course, I felt it was delivered in a very informative way where the team were engaged. I felt the training has improved the teams confidence in dealing with difficult situations, where I can support". Claire (HR Manager) - Seko Logistics - (Milton Keynes) 

The 3 Month Management Training Program

The Beginning

The Trainer

The Training

The Result

Leadership and management are two completely separate skills. Leaders live in the future and concentrate on the vision and managers work in the present and formulate the steps to achieve the vision. Not all managers make good leaders and not all leaders make good managers, but with time and application of the principals we discuss and learn in this Action Focused Leadership and Management Program it is possible to be both.

Luckily for us all, no-one is born a leader; a born leader is a myth! Leadership (and management) can be learnt, developed and improved on over time and with practice.

The aim of this program is to hold the team of learners accountable for the individual actions they agree to deliver during each of the sessions in order to achieve their part of the company and team vision – Each agreed action and target is peer and tutor reviewed at the beginning of the following session. 

One of the many strengths of this package is that it comes with the Action Focused Leadership and Management Performance Logbook, which keeps the team accountable for action and their part of achieving the vision.

As well as lots of smaller businesses and organisations, below are examples of some larger organisations who have received training from our director of learning at Ultimate Leadership Training:

spring care


Gatwick School



Please contact us to discuss any training requirements you have, we either deliver for you or sell you the course for your trainers to deliver to your team

Thanks for visiting our 3 month management training program page, here is a link to our homepage. A great book that we recommend during the program, around Leadership, is Legacy by James Kerr - here's a link

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3 month management training program, three month action focused leadership and management program keeping you managers and leadership teams accountable for achieving the vision and in line with your core values

3 month management training program