Meeting Etiquette training course

Our meeting etiquette training course will help your managers and team leaders to deliver informative, inclusive and effective team meetings to save both time and money!

This is possibly the best meeting etiquette course you will ever find and it's only £299 to buy - yours to keep. This meeting etiquette training course will help your managers and team leaders motivate, inspire and build a high performing atmosphere within your organisation where trust and co-operation prevail. 

The course promotes effective communication, empowerment, team work and leadership. Sometimes it's just the little changes that have the greatest effect. For example starting a meeting at 10 past the hour is an indication that the meeting isn't necessarily for an hour and they usually don't last that long - try it and see. 

This meeting etiquette training course is packed with activities and information to motivate the learners to deliver purposeful and inclusive meetings and create a meeting charter for all the team to follow.

You get the following:

  • Course breakdown and suggested timings
  • Comprehensive trainer notes
  • PowerPoint slides 
  • Learner notes with the slides on
  • All the handouts 
  • A reflective journal for the managers
  • Some great activities to embed the importance of meeting etiquette and to develop the skills of your managers, supervisors and team leaders

The Meeting Etiquette Training Course, for you to buy, is just £299 and it includes all that is listed to the left. See further details below

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Why do we think our meeting etiquette training course is the best meeting etiquette training course for you and your team?

A. The tried and tested comprehensive trainer notes - explain what needs to be taught and at what time. The notes indicate the best times to have breaks and lunch and are easy to follow. 

B. The Power point slides - ARE NOT full of notes, funnily enough we put the notes on the tutor notes?! Most of the slides have relevant images for the visual learners and act as a backdrop to the discussions. 

C. Learner notes with the slides on - for the learners to make notes as you go

A great team down in Alton. It's people like this take make our job enjoyable

D. All the handoutsfor this course include:

  • The action plan 
  • Step to take for a perfect meeting
  • Tips for running an effective meeting
  • A template for an effective meeting
  • The roles people should take during meetings
  • Pre-shift briefs and debrief

E. The activities - When you buy this meeting etiquette training course you also receive some great activities (in the tutor notes) to engage the learners and keep the energy in the room high. One of the highlights is an actual meeting with an actual issue to resolve. While it is fun for all involved it's a powerful activity and shows the learners a different meeting perspective. They will also create a meeting charter to take back to work and follow. 

The Very Best Meeting Etiquette Training Course Breakdown

The best meeting etiquette training course is broken down into four sessions.

Session 1

Tips for running effective meetings

10:00 - 11:30

After the introductions and housekeeping we question why we need meetings.

We'll then look at our top tips for running an effective meeting and then discuss the roles different people take.

Session 2

The perfect meeting

11:45 - 12:30

After a short comfort break we look at the meeting objectives and what makes an effective agenda

The learners start to think about a meeting that they are going to hold and here they start to prepare for it

Session 3

Preparation and pre-shift briefs

13:00 - 14:15

After a well deserved lunch break we have a close look at how to prepare for a meeting and formulate the meeting charter. 

We'll look at pre-shift briefs and how to communicate effectively to ensure the message is heard and understood. 

Session 4

Practical meeting activity

14:30 - 16:00

After our last quick comfort break the learners work in small groups and hold an actual meeting (with a difference). It's such a powerful session and if the tutor can pick up on a real issue (during the day) for them to "meet" about - it's a real winner. 

Just before we close with questions and feedback we introduce the learners to the reflective journal which will help them develop their meeting styles in the future. 

As well as lots of smaller businesses and organisations, below are examples of some larger organisations who have received training from our director of learning at Ultimate Leadership Training:

spring care


Gatwick School



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