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Email Etiquette Training

During our email etiquette training course your team will learn people's likes and dislikes with regard to e-mails and how to write the right e-mail the first time to get the information more effectively to the receiver. They will learn the importance of the subject line, why not to CC everyone and their auntie and what to put in it as well as continue to develop their e-mail writing skills after the training.

Do your team need support with creating the most effective email format?

… or do they need to manage their email inbox more effectively? and develop their email writing skills to appeal to all four behaviours within the team and increase the open rate?

This Email Etiquette Training is a 2-hour session delivered via our Zoom account and ideally for up to 12 learners per session so they can be split into smaller groups during the 2 activities.

The objectives of the Email Etiquette Training session are:

  • Discover peoples likes and dislikes of e-mails 
  • Identify the causes of frustration in e-mails
  • Send your e-mails to the right person
  • Write the right e-mail the first time
  • Become an e-mail STAR
  • Continue to develop your e-mail writing skills

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Our Email Etiquette Training Course Breakdown:

  • Email Likes and dislikes
  • How different people respond to email
  • Who needs to see it
  • The subject line
  • Constructing the perfect email
  • Managing your email box
  • The good and the bad
  • Summery

There seems a lot to cover in 2 hours but the sessions flow from one topic to the other. There is one main discovery and analysis activity at the beginning of the session which we refer to throughout.

It’s important to us that we don’t just deliver a session and hope for the best. Our training is all about action and delivered from experience as we have all lead large teams in our own businesses.

The after-session activity/concentration: Building excellence and quality into every email

Email Etiquette Training - The Development Logs

As part of your team’s continual development with respect to writing and sending emails they will be issued with a personal development log and reflective journal. Your team members will be encouraged to plan time into their week to reflect on their own performance. This log can then be used in their one to one sessions with their line manager to chart their ongoing improvements in the areas covered by the training.

I will be delivering all the sessions if you decide to book and you can find more information about me and my company via the web address below. Customer testimonials and the ‘about me’ tab are found under the ‘contact tab’ on the top right of the web site. Contact us for further information

Our 2 Hour Email Etiquette Training Course 

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2 Hour Email Etiquette Training Course