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Buy Emotional Intelligence Training Activity - It's an activity that will challenge the way your team will think and help them develop the positive characteristics of a modern leader.

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Welcome to a transformative journey towards becoming an exceptional leader through our Emotional Intelligence (EI) Training Activity. In today's fast-paced workplaces, being a great manager goes beyond just technical skills. It's about understanding emotions, both yours and those around you, to lead with empathy and effectiveness. Our training activity is tailor-made for managers, HR professionals, and trainers who are developing those who aspire to excel in their roles by mastering the art of emotional intelligence.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is like a superpower in the world of leadership. It's all about recognising, understanding, and managing emotions – both yours and others'. When you have a high EI, you're not just good at your job; you're exceptional at connecting with your team, resolving conflicts, and inspiring greatness.

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This emotional intelligence training activity proves, without a shadow of doubt, that a manager's, team leader's, supervisor's and team member's emotional intelligence has a direct correlation on the actions of the team (both positive and negative).

You receive:

  • Directions for using the activity
  • Photographic example of one of our completed activities
  • Explanation of the 5 Pillars Emotional Intelligence Skills
  • If it Was Me Activity

The emotional intelligence training activity (which is also a team building activity) takes around 90 minutes (can be done in an hour). The team are split into groups of 3 - 6 depending on your group size and we have run it with 6 teams of 5, so anything goes really.

There is a little prep work to be done by the tutor before the activity (takes about 10 minutes) then the team members do the rest and their work is their handout. They get really involved with this activity and the feedback has been excellent, especially with the final activity.

The final activity helps to keep the learner accountable for developing their emotional intelligence after the course has finished. The learner can also use the final activity as proof of their development at a future one to one or appraisal with their manager.

Buy Emotional Intelligence Training Activity

Why Invest in Emotional Intelligence Training:

  • Enhanced Leadership Skills: EI training empowers you to lead with authenticity, empathy, and resilience, making you a beacon of inspiration for your team.
  • Effective Communication: By understanding emotions better, you'll communicate more clearly, listen actively, and build stronger, trust-filled relationships.
  • Conflict Resolution: With EI training, you'll gain invaluable insights and strategies to handle conflicts constructively, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.
  • Boosted Team Performance: A leader with high emotional intelligence creates a positive work environment where teams thrive, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Our Emotional Intelligence Training:

Our EI training courses are a dynamic blend of theory and hands-on exercises designed to equip you with practical EI skills that you can apply immediately in your professional life. Here's what you can expect:

  • Engaging Workshops: Interactive workshops that immerse you in the world of emotional intelligence, fostering self-awareness and empathy.
  • Real-life Case Studies: Dive into real-world scenarios to analyse, reflect, and learn how to apply EI principles in various workplace situations.
  • Role-Playing Scenarios: Practice empathy, active listening, and conflict resolution through role-playing exercises, honing your skills in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Personalised Coaching: Receive personalised feedback and guidance from seasoned professionals to support your growth and development journey.

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Who Can Benefit:

  • Managers: Elevate your leadership game, foster a positive work culture, and inspire your team to greatness.
  • HR Managers: Enhance your ability to manage employee relations, navigate organizational changes, and foster a culture of inclusivity and belonging.
  • Trainers: Gain valuable tools and techniques to design and deliver impactful EI training programs that resonate with diverse audiences.
Emotional intelligence training is a superpower not just a buzzword

Our Emotional Intelligence Training Activity:

EI Games Cover
Just £29.99
Yours to Download and Keep

Why Choose Us:

Expertise: Our trainers are industry experts with a wealth of experience in emotional intelligence training and leadership development.

Tailored Solutions: We understand that every organisation is unique. That's why we customise our training activities to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Flexibility: Whether you prefer onsite workshops, virtual training sessions, or a blend of both, we offer flexible options to accommodate your schedule and preferences.

Proven Results: Our clients have seen tangible improvements in leadership effectiveness, team collaboration, and overall workplace satisfaction after implementing our training activities.

Take the Next Step:

Invest in yourself and your team by purchasing our Emotional Intelligence Training Activity today. Unlock the power of emotional intelligence and take your leadership to new heights. Your journey to becoming an extraordinary leader starts here.


In today's ever-evolving workplace landscape, emotional intelligence is not just a nice-to-have skill; it's a must-have superpower for effective leadership. Our training activity offers a holistic approach to developing emotional intelligence skills for managers, HR professionals, and trainers alike. Don't just be a manager; be a leader who inspires, motivates, and brings out the best in others. Buy our Emotional Intelligence Training Activity today and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth that will transform your leadership and impact your organization for the better.

Buy Emotional Intelligence Training Activity

As well as lots of smaller businesses and organisations, below are examples of some larger organisations who have received training from our director of learning at Ultimate Leadership Training:

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Gatwick School



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