Our Leadership skills for prefects Workbook

Choice 1

You can buy the leadership skills E-Workbook for £9.99 and use it as a self-study guide or part of a larger class/group (i.e. if you're a teacher you can print as many as you need).

The Leadership Skills for School Prefects Workbook Contents:

  • It’s all about you  
  • The importance of being a prefect
  • What do others need from you?     
  • How effective is your communication?     
  • The power of listening   
  • Betari’s Box   
  • What would you do? (Various scenarios)  
  • Now it’s up to you   
  • Tutor Notes

Choice 2

You could buy the Leadership skills for Prefects Training Course, which includes the above workbook, for £69

This workbook will help the selected students start on their journey as a school prefect.

This workbook does come with some tutor notes to help you when running a session and can be found on page 16.

What you get when you buy the course 

  • Extensive tutor notes
  • Power point slides for the visual learners
  • Notes for the learners
  • The relevant handouts
  • The interactive activities used during the session
  • The leadership training for prefects workbook

School prefects should have high integrity and be capable of communicating honestly and effectively. Good prefects must be responsible, reliable and have high personal standards as well as strong self-discipline, as they are required to oppose and stop issues like bullying.

They should also be able to handle conflict and should have an open, genuine relationship with members of staff. Overall, prefects are exemplary students who are good role models and assist in keeping order in the school - and this book with help

Contact one of the team to arrange payment. The course will be sent electronically (via WeTransfer) as soon as payment has been received

Some Recent Feedback

"The training provider led a workshop on how to manage and deal with conflict and what excellent customer service looks like in a school setting. The sessions were very well received and the interactive nature meant colleagues were able to explore themes in a good deal of detail given the time constraints. The team also catered for a wide variety of roles in the groups they had". Steve – Outwood Academy - (Chesterfield)