90 Minute time management Training session

As it's such an important topic some clients ask us to split our full day managing time training course into three 90 minute bitesize sessions and we deliver one a week so the team have time to practice the techniques we discuss.

Contact one of the team to discuss your training goals

Before you can even begin to manage time, you must learn what time is. A dictionary defines time as "the point or period at which things occur." Put simply, time is when stuff happens.

There are two types of time: clock time and real-time.

In clock time, there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year. All time passes equally. When someone turns 50, they are exactly 50 years old, no more or no less.

In real-time, all time is relative. Time either flies or drags depending on what you're doing. Two hours doing something you dislike can feel like a lifetime, yet two hours doing something you enjoy can fly by.

You live in real-time, a world in which all time flies when you are having fun or drags when you are doing your taxes.  But we try to manage everything by clock time! 

The good news is that real-time is mental. It exists between your ears. You create it. Anything you create, you can manage. It's time to remove any self-sabotage or self-limitation you have around "not having enough time," or "today not being the right time”

There are only three ways to spend time: thoughts, conversations and actions and only you can decide how you manage these

The key content of this 90 time management training session:

  • Clock time and real time
  • Feedback from pre-session activity
  • Prioritising tasks (5 steps)
  • Actions, to do lists and managing interruptions
  • Working in blocks 
  • Q and A and feedback


By the end of this 90 minute time management training session your learners will be able to:

  • Describe the difference between clock time and real time
  • Explain where improvements can be made in their day
  • Prioritise tasks more effectively
  • Compile workable action and to do list
  • Work in more productive blocks

Timings and Other Information

  • The sessions are 90 minutes long with an optional 30 minutes additional Q and A with the tutor at the end for those that want to hang around
  • The session is for up to 12 learners (which is why we don't charge per person, prices include the session, an experience tutor and materials)
  • We are flexible on the times but recommend the following (GMT): 08:00, 11:00 and 14:00
  • We recommend a monthly follow up and coaching session (on-line), with the same tutor, one month after the session to ensure action and accountability for the tasks the learners set themselves
  • If it suits your needs better you could always organise 3 different sessions per day for your team to choose the best time for them and we'll co-ordinate the rest
  • If relevant, all pre-course activities will be forwarded to the session organiser to be distributed to the leaners a week before before the session to allow to for completion
  • All the handouts will be forwarded to the session organiser to be distributed to the leaners after the session