The Recruitment and Selection E-Book

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This is a fantastic 24 page recruitment and selection E-Book which will help your managers and leadership teams, at all levels, during the interview process and promotes equality, diversity, inclusivity and consistency throughout. 


  • How it costs, on average, £30k to replace a member of the team
  • Question techniques
  • A whole load of competency based questions (literally hundreds)
  • An application screening form
  • The interview form
  • A model for effective interviewing

Did you know there are three possible outcomes to an interview:

The first possible outcome is that you find a well qualified candidate with excellent experience - but these are hard to find and can be expensive

The second possible outcome is that you can find someone who you can develop into the above - but obviously they do leave after a while

The third is that you pray - and we've heard it a lot, managers saying "I pray they fit in..." or "I hope they are good..."

This E-Book prevents the third option - it's all about finding the best candidates in line with your companies core values and the competencies that are need to do a great job.

If you're not convinced contact one of the team and we will set up a Zoom call to talk you through it in more detail