Negotiation Skills Training Activity

This is a great activity for you and your team to use when learning and developing negotiating skills and can be used for both online and off line training sessions

Team members either work in groups of two's or three's and then all together. They are given a scenario to negotiate and the results make a for a great after activity discussion

The activity also comes with an observation paper and our 7 suggestions to improve negotiation skills - you'll love it

Once you pay below you will receive your activity straightaway and we hope you get as much value out of it as we have. If you need a receipt please let us know after you receive your copy and we'll email you one.

The Negotiation Skills Training Activity

Just £25

Reasons why team games are good for business

Cultivates better communication and culture within the organisation

Helps team members build a more supportive and cohesive team

The activities create an atmosphere of trust and co-operation

Encourages leadership and loyalty affecting the bottom line

Some Recent Feedback

"Booked a Customer Service course and received excellent service from start to finish. The initial booking and organising our requirements for the course were very smooth and all communication was excellent. 

We had grumbles from our staff initially when they were asked to attend, in their opinion they didn't need to be taught how to do their jobs. That wasn't the intention and half way through the course they could not praise the trainer Adrian highly enough. The course content was presented in such an engaging way, they all felt they had picked up skills they can use during the course of their work day". Nicola  (Saffron Waldon)