Leadership skills ebook

Just £9.99

Hi thanks for picking up my leadership skills book, you’ve either sat and completed one of my 12-month leadership programs (and got it for free), found it online or directed from LinkedIn and thought it could help you in your quest to become a better leader, and I really hope it will. And well done for opening it, Keep Educating Yourself is KEY to running a successful business and developing your team.

So why write the book in the first place? I wrote it for a couple of reasons

  • Firstly, because It’s the second session in my 12-month leadership program and my management skills book was very successful – they both complement each other
  • Secondly, because like I said in the management skills book, there are loads of books out there professing instant success as a leader (and I’ve read them all). Whilst there are some great nuggets of information in them, they don’t tell you what to specifically work on that day, or week, or month where this one will. 

These are the books I want to write, a book that answers issues and arms managers and leadership teams with practical tools to manage and lead their teams, build their business and generate profit. There are obviously no guarantees, you have to actually go and do some work, I can’t do it for you. However, if you do need a consultant to visit your business (in person or virtually) to help with problem solving, business building, team building or vision and mission implementation then please don’t hesitate to contact me (I work all over the world), and if it’s something I can’t help with I bet I know someone I can put you in touch with. 

If you're not convinced contact one of the team and we will set up a Zoom call to talk you through it in more detail