90 Minute HR and management myths Training session

HR and management have more than their fair share of myths and misinformation! Could it be the ever-changing legislation and case law, the conflicting pressures that many SME business owners face or simply the fact that we are in the business of people problems? It’s probably down to a combination of all three. 

Here, we dispel a selection of the most common HR myths that our leadership and management specialists come across when delivering HR, management, and leadership training sessions

For example:

Myth - “You don’t have to give part-time staff the same benefits as full-time staff”.

Response - Part-time team members must suffer no detriment, and so must have the same benefits as full-time staff (or broadly equivalent ones if the same are not possible). Many benefits can be pro rata for part-time staff, such as holiday allowance, for example.

We bespoke the session to your needs if you have any specific myths that exist within your business. The idea of the session is to encourage managers and leadership teams to use the PIP process as a development tool and not to shy away from it

The key content of this 90 minute HR and Management Myths training session:

  • Out of box thinking activity
  • Why managers restrict themselves
  • HR myths
  • Q and A and feedback


By the end of this 90 minute HR and Management Myths training session your learners will be able to:

  • Explain why they shouldn't just accept other people's definitions to problems
  • Investigate the boundaries more thoroughly
  • Explain the truths to myths

Timings and Other Information

  • The sessions are 90 minutes long with an optional 30 minutes additional Q and A with the tutor at the end for those that want to hang around
  • The session is for up to 12 learners (which is why we don't charge per person, prices include the session, an experience tutor and materials)
  • We are flexible on the times but recommend the following (GMT): 08:00, 11:00 and 14:00
  • We recommend a monthly follow up and coaching session (on-line), with the same tutor, one month after the session to ensure action and accountability for the tasks the learners set themselves
  • If it suits your needs better you could always organise 3 different sessions per day for your team to choose the best time for them and we'll co-ordinate the rest
  • If relevant, all pre-course activities will be forwarded to the session organiser to be distributed to the leaners a week before before the session to allow to for completion
  • All the handouts will be forwarded to the session organiser to be distributed to the leaners after the session