The Group Rescue Team Building Activity

Just £25.00

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This group rescue team building activity is an excellent addition to most training courses. i've used it for management skills, EDI training and customer service skills

This is similar to the classic desert survival team building activity but doesn't take as long, obviously it does depend on how long the De-brief is.

You're team are organising the rescue and they have to prioritise the people who will be 'airlifted' first

There is also an additional activity, which is exclusive to us, that measures the effectiveness of your team. This in turn makes for more great conversations around how stronger (louder) team members can support the not so involved, quieter team member who are usually more hesitant in joining in

It's definitely one of my favourites - you'll love it

If you're not convinced contact one of the team and we will set up a Zoom call to talk you through it in more detail