The Conflict Management Training Activity

Just £24.99

The Conflict Management training Tool is either a fantastic training activity to compliment a full day conflict management training course or as a stand alone training activity that can be used face to face or via Zoom (for example) and will develop your team member's skills when it comes to conflict management strategies.

The activity is in the format of a team meeting that has been organised 'by the manager' to resolve a suggestion from a team member about improving communication within the team or organisation. This suggestion has received differing reactions from the team and is causing a rift and some conflict.

Conflict has to be managed now and not swept under the carpet. This activity is a 19 page pdf (which you receive as soon as you pay for it) and contains:

  • Two different scenarios
  • The character sheet
  • The observers feedback form
  • Tutor observation form
  • 15 Tips on How to Manage Conflict at Work

For those that don't like role play they become the observers so there is no limit to the amount of team members taking part. We run it with groups of 12 - 15 team members for all industries.

If you're not convinced contact one of the team and we will set up a Zoom call to talk you through it in more detail