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Debono 6 Thinking Hats

Debono 6 thinking hats - This is a very useful training pack help your team members and learners conduct more effective meetings and with their communication, creativity and innovation which can be used on or off-line

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The Training Pack Contains:

  • Notes for The Tutor
  • A Brief Description of Each Hat
  • Increasing Creativity in Your Brainstorming Sessions
  • The Hats Worksheets
  • The Six Hats in Action Examples
  • Observation Sheet
  • Activity Debrief
  • Tips for Running an Effective Meeting

The purpose of this activity is to enhance team members relationships by encouraging them to focus on the importance of different perspectives. Your team members/learners will learn to identify six different ways to think about a situation and then they will take on the various perspectives and examine a real work situation through the lens of that perspective and discover the value of having these different perspectives to enhance their decision-making skills.

Debono 6 Thinking Hats

The Six thinking Hats Explained

Blue Hat: The Conductor's Hat

Thinking about and managing the thinking process - The blue hat is the control hat. It is used for thinking about thinking. The blue hat sets the agenda, focus and sequence, ensures the guidelines are observed and asks for summaries, conclusions, decisions and plans action

Green Hat: The Creative Hat

Generating ideas - The green hat is for creative thinking and generating new ideas, alternatives, possibilities and new concepts

Red Hat: The Hat For The Heart

Intuition and feelings - The red hat is about feelings, intuitions and instincts. The red hat invites feelings without justification

Yellow Hat: The Optimist's Hat

Benefits and values - The yellow hat is for a positive view of things. It looks for the benefits and values

Black Hat: The Judge's Hat

Caution - The black hat identifies risk. It is used for critical judgment and must give the logical reasons for concerns. It is one of the most powerful hats

White Hat: The Factual Hat

Information - The white hat is all about information. What information you have, what information you need and where to get it

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Debono 6 thinking hats, the debono six thinking hats training activity will help your team members conduct more effective meetings and with their communication, creativity and innovation which can be used on or off-line