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Ultimate Leadership Newsletter, Issue #001 -- teaser here
October 04, 2021


Welcome to this month's 'Trainer talk', I hope it finds you well?

Join me and other freelance trainers, training consultants, tutors and people who have aspirations to become a self-employed freelance trainer in a FREE 5-day challenge I have organised

It starts next week on Monday 11th October from 6am

There are 5 days and five tasks to complete. Each task takes about 20 minutes and then we go live in the Facebook group at 7pm in the evening.

The FREE 5-day challenge 👉 reveals how freelance trainers/training consultants and tutors can build their training business back to pre-covid levels and higher by creating and marketing a training program

Why join?

• It’s FREE

• It’s delivered by a freelance trainer who has a program

• Each daily task takes just 30 minutes

• It’ll take your training business to the next level

Speak soon


P.S. Here’s that link to join again 👉

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